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The Paleface Parabola

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The Paleface Parabola - 17-07-2024( 1:56:35)       
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The mystery man and have survived the past seven days relatively intact, including our ears. Diminished hearing, yes. Bullets whizzing past? No! What did whiz past was our programme, Caper 136 of the Paleface Parabola. The last three shows seemed to and we’re trying to suss out why. So meanwhile, I’m still thinking like Little Queenie’s fella. So while I think about these matters of great social and political import, we strongly urge that you laugh and cry and cry some more to the sounds of the likes of William Shatner and Ken Nordine. And then there’s Max Romeo and Altan. And also The Grip Weeds and the Rev Willingham. Ooba Dooba, we brought the noise this week. So it’s just this then. Friends don’t let friends listen to anything other than Free FM and self-indulgently in our scenario, The Paleface Parabola razzmatazz, live Wednesdays at 10pm and podcast too many ways and places for you to just say no to listening.
Published: 17/07/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 09-07-2024( 1:57:54)       
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So it’s come to this again has it? Well,let’s sink to the occasion then. This programme is precious cargo to the Mystery Man and I. It’s the equivalent of a cold glass of joy on a 100 degree day. Which it is here in New J as my alter ego One Draft Jones is quick to remind me. As if we needed it. Hot damn it’s hot. The world keeps turning while we keep basting. Santa, is it December 24th yet and Arctically cold yet? His response? A hard no. Thus and So, it seems that the solution to sweat and steam is to chase after that cool oasis of music. What’s that I hear? That must be the glory train of Rock and Roll in all its revelation. Roy Brown (an early king), Rodriguez (a middle period jester), Mavis Staples (a past, present and future Queen), and Brave Combo (damaged dervishes). Oh there’s more too. Let yourself off the leash and gallop happily to our new caper, a caper that is ointment for a fallen world.
Published: 10/07/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 03-07-2024( 1:56:49)       
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Fireworks? Phooey! You want combustible? There’s crash, boom and bang to be had on this week’s tour de farce aplenty, no matter a Supreme Court ruling or three that hijacks the foundational core of American ideals – not that 250 year old documents couldn’t stand for a tweak or two. Like reforming Supreme Court lifetime terms! I wouldn’t have printed that but it seems to me that blanket immunity from legal repercussions seems to be the new law of the land. And if you got your hackles up about anything you just read, One Draft Jones wrote it, not me. So what about the music in this 1:58 melee? A quick attempt at recollection yields a magical five minutes from Quebec by the Mystery Man and Oaf without Borders soundscapes out of my laboratory, the likes of which are Alabama Slim, Morphine, The A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie, Los Straitjackets, Danny Cobb, and Crosby & Nash. Later for seared flesh cooking on your grill or the explosive that might cost you a limb, we bring the trouble on this thing we call a Parabola.
Published: 3/07/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 26-06-2024( 1:57:59)       
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The Mystery Man’s dog ate his homework, flushed his keys down the toilet, and gave him the heebie jeebies this week. Thus and so, I was left to pull out all the stops on my onesie. I had no choice to call in the mercenaries, consisting of Brasuka, Gary US Bonds and the Church Street 5, Wild Bill Davis, John Cale, Norah Jones, and Blakey/the Jazz Messengers, to step into the void. And there are more rich blessings of music when you might have given up all hope of a glory bound future. Stir in the usual on mic shenanigans and presto… you have caper 134 of the Paleface Parabola – which is a cog in the big wheel that is Free FM. Do us a solid and tell all your friends.
Published: 26/06/2024 2:20:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 19-06-2024( 1:58:6)       
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Caper 132. It’s a special moment in the confusing and continuing saga of the Mystery Man and me. We would ride into your town to speak to you personally about this but we’d have to skip New Delhi because the temperature is just too damn hot there, and we are getting low on the fresh horses and whiskey rations we bring when we ride into town. What we can state with sureshot confidence is that Free FM is a Rock and Roll refuge away from a world off its wheels and we talk, sing, goof around and play music that is presented in robust randomness. Robert Johnson, Bananagun, Ernest Ranglin, La Luz, and the doomed Nick Drake on what would have been his birthday all are front and center this week. Ready to dance our happy dance. Bring you and your ears and let’s hug it out
Published: 19/06/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 12-06-2024( 1:58:9)       
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Greetings from the USA, brave warriors. Do you require reasons to be cheerful in order to have a quality two-hour experience with the Mystery Man and I this week as it pertains to caper 131? Drop-ins from the likes of Funkadelic and Hunter Thompson. Three high octane quests in our show within a show. And music! Oh brother do we have music to assist you in being glad to be alive! Brave Combo, Roy Brown, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Pretenders, The Pogues, and the Bang on a Can all stars are better for you than Duck Sauce. And those are but six of our all star candidates for your love this week. Now that you’ve read this, it’s way past time to be cheerful!
Published: 12/06/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 05-06-2024( 1:58:23)       
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Having a forum to mouth off and play music that spans 100 years over a two-hour opportunity to get it right is a rich blessing I’ll strive to never take for granted. At least that’s my mindset as we unfurl caper 129 (or 130 because I can’t remember how many at the moment of this writing). Our Facebook page for this programme reveals how you can listen. The why of why you should try to listen to the Paleface Parabola is music presented differently and unbound by playlist or algorithm. This is oaf without borders radio. The Kinks,Bryce Dessner, Tangerine Dream, and mucho mas. Please remember – and don’t ever forget – that there’s no expiration date on fun.
Published: 5/06/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 29-05-2024( 1:58:11)       
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Caper 129: You’ve tried the rest... Now try our radio razzle dazzle. We sound better in the dark so you can’t see our faces. Rock and Roll, whether it’s then or now, has always sounded better to us when the sun goes down and the fun starts flowing. And feel no fret, we’ve got more fun than a fizzy drink this week. Go on you say? We will if you demand so, but then you’ll be your own joyrobber, missing out on the halcyon sounds of Elvis Costello and the Attractions, a filler of stadiums covering The Fabs Blackbird, sanctification from the sister named Tharpe, Neil Yuck singing about Greendale, and the Mystery Man’s tout of the week, starring the other Yoko, Ms Ueno. And the above listed are a microcosm of our mega. Your ears, our alchemy. Forward!
Published: 29/05/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 22-05-2024( 1:58:19)       
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Drying tears of despair is this week’s mission statement for the guardians of your radio hearts, the Mystery Man and me. We are aging gunfighters you know. And we call in posses on a need to act mission. Like this week. Caper 128. Step forward and drink in your applause team. Yoko Ueno (not Ono), Sun Ra, Ken Nordine with Jerry Garcia, The Staple Singers, The Happyland Singers, and Luke Jones and his Orchestra. Not familiar with these artists? Lend us your ears for an hour and 58 minutes and you’ll dance your happy dance for revelation sake. Seen? S’lainte... and steady nerves.
Published: 22/05/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 15-05-2024( 1:58:23)       
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One Draft Jones here... Back after a week to think up new incentive laden lures to reach for the Q-Tips for your ears and get rid of your innate inhibitions by shedding both preconceptions and clothes alike, and come wade in the healing pond of playful music and banter that comprises our weekly crop dust of Rock and Roll history, The Paleface Parabola. Tonight being caper 127. Tonight being yet another hour and 58 minute quest to outrun the pricks who kick and cheat the hangman one more time. We called on Be Bop Deluxe, Gentle Giant, Hoven Droven, Slim Gaillard, Freddie King, and other worthies to form a protective ring of joy around you the listener and us, the perpetrators. To sum, and some, and as noted in the episode, without music, life would be an error
Published: 15/05/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 08-05-2024( 1:57:48)       
Episode Information
Caper 126. Your attendance at our fray is a gray area. While we’d prefer that it’s mandatory, we can’t be everywhere and nowhere at all at the same time we remind you. Our vision that we’d have a Milky Way galaxy of converts to our quirkology may have been (appears to be) unrealistic. But if you are laboring under the mistaken notion that our presence in the post position of the Free FM music zone on 89.0 out of Hamilton, NZ, you were led astray by an enemy of volunteer radio.Live, Wednesdays at 10pm in the time zone North and West of Antarctica and beckoning you to be one with us from any of the plentitude of podcast portals, The Paleface Parabola presents word, sound and power in this week’s whirl. Musical hopscotch again you ask? Aye, we say. Thirsty for this week’s teaser to our two hours of summitting Mt Parabola? If you insist… Rick Nelson & the Stone Canyon Band, Irma Thomas, Christian Parker, Young-Holt Unlimited, and the Mystery Man’s choice of the week cannily curated to sit snugly at the top o the pops. You can sit around and wait for the cicadas to sing or you can jump right ahead in our web so as far as we can see it, this should be a very dynamite show.
Published: 8/05/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 01-05-2024( 1:58:23)       
Episode Information
Well, it’s said to seek and ye shall find. And it’s also said that the Emerald Isle, where my people emerged from, is the land of 1,000 welcomes. You’ll have to settle for 998 less as it pertains to caper 125 of our Parabola. That would be from the Mystery Man and me. You’ll hear the mosaic of our messy quest. News, noise and music. Music such as for the second week in a row because one wasn’t enough, 3 Mustaphas 3 and also Jaerv from the Mystery Man’s wall of sounds. From my pile of pulls, The Specials, Rickie Lee Jones, Wally Pleasant, The Charles River Valley Boys, and Zen for Primates. You’ve never heard of these people you say? Easy fix. Put ears on our noise for the next two hours of your lives and music’s rich blessings will be yours to have, and sample, and hold.
Published: 1/05/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 24-04-2024( 1:58:21)       
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A Brian Eno quote that I heard from Annie Clark (aka St Vincent): Music is a car that you can crash over and over again and walk away safely. We can certainly apply that notion to this week’s Paleface Parabola radio razzmatazz. It’s caper 124, a show like any of the previous 123 but for the fact that while we have an established template for the programme, no two shows are musically the same and the likelihood of a radio/audio car crash, because we prefer performing live without a net and I personally like my weekly bagel with butter and not toasted. A vital component of any self respecting quest. Here’s your weekly teaser 90 seconds of the Mystery Man’s choice of the Cort-3 Mustaphas 3, plus Spirit, Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Bo Diddley, This Side Up, and The Playmates. To conclude,please remember and don’t ever forget that there’s no expiration date on fun. S’lainte and a pint raised to Free FM 89.0 from Hamilton, NZ.
Published: 24/04/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 17-04-2024( 1:55:54)       
Episode Information
Revelation. Inspiration. Dedication. One nation… under a groove. Free your mind and caper 123 will follow. As I yell at inappropriate times, Hookey Do!! We do us on this hour and 58 minutes of genre hopping. Marshall Crenshaw, Roy Brown, Joe Henderson, House of Hamill, The Aggrolites, and the Mystery Man’s moment of glory saves the Wales. As in the band Calan. And wait, there's more! Banter, bluster and blarney and now you, who sit in judgment concerning our to and fro. So prime your ears and post up. We’ve come to bring cheer to every ear and joy to every girl and boy. Cmon everybody, get happy!
Published: 17/04/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 10-04-2024( 1:57:44)       
Episode Information
As record collectors ourselves, the Mystery Man and I are by no means immune to the joys of hearing the healing joys of music - especially music that you’ve never heard before, that changes your life for the better. Nineteen songs later, on this week’s episode, we’ve brewed up an hour and 58 minutes of musical hopscotch that puts extra red in your tomatoes. Chuck Willis, Toots & the Maytals with Bunny Wailer, The Aggrolites, The Staple Singers, and the Court’s order is sustained via San Salvador (a piece I’ve never heard until we played it). That’s just five of the aforementioned 19 and you won’t need silly looking 3D glasses to listen. Our noise, your ears. Welcome to our gang.
Published: 10/04/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 03-04-2024( 1:58:22)       
Episode Information
Caper 121. I remember starting with Lyle Lovett and his Large Band and closing up our case to take to the Judge and Jury with the Mael Brothers aka Sparks. Sparks being a prime suspect above how if you live long enough, a quintessential cult band becomes viable in their late 70s. Also in the bright white spotlight of musical joy this week is the Mystery Man’s pick to click of the week, Planxty, and extra special mentions of the likes of The Lamplighters, solo Alex Chilton, new Dion music, and enough gusto to sail the seven seas without the aid of an onboard motor. Live on the gold standard of rogue element of society community radio, Free FM 89.0 which hums along from Hamilton NZ Wednesday evening from 10 to midnight and on more podcast portals than the authorities can count, 'til we meet and greet again on April 10. In the meantime, add some music to your day, our music in this case. It heals and it works.
Published: 3/04/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 27-03-2024( 1:58:25)       
Episode Information
This is your one and only warning... We’re taking attendance this week on our caper in absentia. The beyond excellent Ricardo - ex-superstar of Free FM’s The Outer Limits Frequentcy - is tall in the saddle for this one-week return to our safe haven for rogue elements of society. Like him! Like us! Ricardo has a great sense of humor, skills with his pen, and top notch with his music choices. Feel no fret, the Mystery Man and I will return next week with a brand new Parabola, reinvigorated and ready to roar. In the meantime, put your ears on Ricardo this week and we’ll all be better for it.
Published: 27/03/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 20-03-2024( 1:58:24)       
Episode Information
Caper 119 was done in a hurry because I’m in a hurry, as a window to a brief respite from the pressure cooker I cook in normally looms. Our prodigal rascal Ricardo is returning to fill in for us on the show next week and I’m ecstatic that the likes of his calibre will sit in. As for this week, New Jersey music from the soon-to-be stars Billy Hector and the Atlanta Cafe Band, magnificence from Metheny, Chubby Checker, Willy Deville with Mark Knopfler, Terry Evans with Ry Cooder, and some Hocus Pocus from Spies who Surf! So dig Ricardo next week on the Parabola and the Mystery Man and I will be back to love you long time in two weeks – a fortnight, as you say in Aotearoa.
Published: 20/03/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 13-03-2024( 1:57:37)       
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Hmmm... What to say that hasn’t been said 118 times before? Lets try it out. Caper 118 of our two-hour sprint across New Zealand’s radio landscape has more hot air than the rising methane levels on the third rock from the sun, as well as a baker’s dozen of music selections that can have a positive impact on your ears. The Mystery Man’s pick of the week is by the Irish band Kila and we cheerfully are of the opinion that it’s more fun than a rebuttal speech by Senator Katie Britt – though I prefer Scarlet Johansson’s rebuttal to her rebuttal on SNL. As for my participation in our melee, The Heptones, The Ghost Funk Orchestra, McCoy Tyner, The Tom Robinson Band, and The Polyrhythmics arrive at the table to wine and dine with you. Or is it whine? Live on Free 89.0 at 10pm in Hamilton, NZ, Wednesday Eve at 10pm as part of the Free music zone and please access our Facebook page for podcast potential listening portals and possibly even the playlist for this week’s show if I can make the time to do so.
Published: 13/03/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 06-03-2024( 1:58:21)       
Episode Information
Caper 117 (and I want to clarify that number since I was calling our tour de farce 118 all show) is the end result of cramming for the exam due to a frenzied few action packed days that we left in the glass. All prepared and weary to the top of our bald heads. The Mystery Man urged us on to glory. I never know what glory is, all I hear is the mistakes and what I should have said and didn’t. At the end of the rainbow, let’s ride the music because this week’s call to action includes the Rev Billy C Wirtz to ‘sanctify’ the landscape, Wes Montgomery, Robert Mirabal, Billy Hector (NJ Blues Rock Guitar Jedi), the Jesse Price Trio, and Bruce Cockburn ride into town with fresh whiskey and horses as medicine for the vile and depraved world we have to negotiate thru. And there’s more music and mouthing off as well because this is the day the Lord made for us so we may as well revel in the radio joy of it.
Published: 6/03/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 28-02-2024( 1:58:24)       
Episode Information
Make way for two aging zen tricksters who speak and spell sounds that cut a wide cloth across the borderless force field that is music. From the land of the free and where 400 dollar sneakers double up as a GoFundMe shell game from a reprobate with a comb-over. We are here to stick a pin in that balloon and perpetrate yet another two hours of radio sight gags on caper 116. It’s easy to pick up our scent this week. Web into Free FM 89.0 live on Wednesday the 28th at 10pm Oceanic... or hitch a ride on one of our many podcast options that could be yours by accessing our programne’s Facebook page. How do Hayes Carll, Good Reason, Charles Lloyd and the Marvels, Black Jellybean, Steppenwolf and Gjallahorn sound as a tactic for your love and devotion to the Paleface Parabola with your hosts the Mystery Man & Me? Well, if you don’t like any of what’s listed above, maybe the B-52’s and others may melt your cold hearts.
Published: 28/02/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 21-02-2024( 1:57:2)       
Episode Information
We got the memo... It calls for mass quantities of crash, boom and bang. That’s where we arrive to save the day, thus earning the big money. We are the hombres that ride tall in the saddle on caper 115 of our weekly fly-by. He’s the Mystery Man, who has picked a gem this week for his selection and who is the overlord of The Paleface Parabola sonically and nutritionally. I’m Jumpin JB and as in most of my ventures, I’m the face of the franchise but I depend on the kindness of friends to stumble thru life. Here’s just a spattering of my musical chums on this programme to aid and abet our mission. The Rock and Roll Trio, Katie Henry, Chris Whitley, Megan Henderson, The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Roland Alphonso, and Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, but seven of our 20-track glory ride. To somewhere...
Published: 21/02/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 14-02-2024( 1:58:22)       
Episode Information
Snow! And not the kind from Johnny Depp’s Blow movie... But the real McCoy for the first time in about 750 days is our present reality from half a world away in the North of New J. Since deflection and diversion seems to be on full display on a daily basis in today’s political and media worlds, I’m coming in with a more benign two hours of diversion and deflection on this week’s Parabola - aka caper five of 2024 and 114 overall on Free FM. Listen to our humble tour de farce! Sample, hold for a time, share with a friend, and then take note of the extra skip in your step because you just participated in our mongrel mix of news, shoes and how to’s. But seriously... there’s music. The likes of Tim Buckley, Jefferson Airplane, Bettye Lavette, Mavis Staples, Tiny Bradshaw’s Orchestra, and Bow Wow Wow are just teasers for our four-part run to community radio glory. And then there’s the Mystery Man… We’re taking attendance.
Published: 14/02/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 07-02-2024( 1:58:13)       
Episode Information
Press Play on whichever and whatever device you use to treat your ears to Free FM, and set your controls for frolic and a fever dream of a two-hour tour de farce. Said farce is caper four of 2024 which quick elementary math yields the miracle number of 113 overall since we fired the transoceanic starters pistol to begin our New J to New Z goodwill tenure of The Paleface Parabola, co-starring the Mystery Man (our programmes man in the crows nest) and me, Jumpin JB, host and programmer of the show – the radio sandwich you thought you didn’t order. How bout a rethink? Because we have a statement of point and purpose for our 1:58 of structured anarchy. And we have news (music and tropical, I mean topical) and finally, we have music... Sun Ra, King Curtis, Graham Parker, Charlie Ace, Don Covay, John Doyle, and the irascible Bob Geldof. So get some rest. This weeks action-packed Parabola will tax your reserves of energy!
Published: 7/02/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 31-01-2024( 1:58:22)       
Episode Information
Reason to cheerful, part 4. The structured anarchy that is caper 112 comes for your ears! There are 83.3 million good reasons to give us an hour and 58 minutes of your lives this week. First and foremost being that we’ll cry if you don’t. Because it’s hard to be saints in the city. The would-be saints in this case being the mystery man and me, Jumpin JB. Can your hearts stand the excitement of our musical hopscotch? We’re confident you can. And here’s a brief road map of our soul music this week. The Skatalites, Charlie Musselwhite & Elvin Bishop, Gong, John Ginty Band, The Odds, and The Cramps are but six of the 19 slices of big music fun we unfurl. As for you the listeners, know Free FM and the Paleface Parabola and keep us in your heart for a while.
Published: 31/01/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 24-01-2024( 1:58:23)       
Episode Information
After a week off (against our will mind you) because New Jersey winters can be a stern taskmaster, we have returned with a two-hour tour de farce that just might have you rubbing both your eyes and your ears. It might rabbit, it might (in Irish accent). Here’s an appetiser as to what you’ll experience. Because I feel the need to ask at this point, have you ever been experienced? Well,we have. We being the Mystery Man and me, Jumpin JB. Reverie Road, Fela Kuti & Africa 70 with Ginger Baker, U Roy, Richie Havens, Charlie Musselwhite (covering Alejandro Escovedo), Elvis Costello & the Attractions, and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band are but 7 members of the parade of joy we hurl at you this week. Prepare yourself to dance and sing.
Published: 24/01/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 10-01-2024( 1:57:3)       
Episode Information
The Apostle Paul wrote in the New Testament that he had learned to be content wherever he was and whatever situation he was in. This from a man who was beaten to a pulp and tossed into a hole – aka jail. For speaking his mind. The Mystery Man and I have learned to be content in our victory lap as volunteer radio love gods… did I just type this? I did! Caper 110 spreads joy and good cheer this week. How, you ask? Randy Newman, The Mothers of Invention, Maz, Pat Thomas, The Sadies, and Lydia Loveless earn their keep musically... and we keep the balls in the air for an hour and 57.2024 (or so). Here we come!
Published: 10/01/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 03-01-2024( 1:55:20)       
Episode Information
Caper 1 of 2024... Number 109 overall. Though the mystery man was certainly relieved that I wasn’t more toxic than I was this week, I personally would have preferred to stay the heavy head cold baritone of being pretty ill for four days last week so as to bring a new rich viral voice to the fray. Alas, I cleared up to the point that performing the show was in my recognised Jersey usual snot flying persona. Epic fail. Call the roll of music played then. Keep the words of Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High in mind as you listen, which states… 'Whatever happens, as long as your toes are tappin…’ Brave Combo, Ahmad Jamal trio, David Crosby & the Lighthouse Band, Khruangbin, The Marquees with Bo Diddley, and our hero Paul Trenwith are fewer than half of the stars featuring in our first show of ‘24. Fifty or so to go. Let’s go get em.
Published: 3/01/2024 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 20-12-2023( 1:57:53)       
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And that’s our year. Caper 108 is a crash landing of an end to our musophysical 52 weeks of radio razzle dazzle. On this week’s vexation, Over the Rhine, Wilson Pickett, Hedningarna, Jethro Tull, The Black Crowes, Tonio K, and two handfuls of others have stepped in to trim your trees. We’ll meet again the first week of January. Until then, thanks to our friends at Free FM (don’t try to deny it you people – we’re friends after two years!) and you the listeners. On to international glory and reckoning in 2024! And another 365 days of cheating the hangman!!
Published: 20/12/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 13-12-2023( 1:57:54)       
Episode Information
So Santa Claus is comin to town in 12 days. Nearly as rewarding for girls and boys old and young, big and tall, humble and small, is caper 107 of the Paleface Parabola... which features yet another memorable 10 minutes from the Mystery Man and holiday news and screwing around from the Oaf Without Borders aka me. Will you be able to keep from weeping with joy as we fill your ears with the likes of the Mystery Man’s choice of the week which is vital from strong minds and bones and the likes of Kookie, the Len Price 3, Freddie King, Don Drummond & Roland Alphonso, and the Felice Brothers, plus a plethora more? The smart money says you’ll weep. For the right reasons!
Published: 13/12/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 06-12-2023( 1:57:25)       
Episode Information
Prepare yourselves for pandemonium. I was going to mention the word bedlam, yet in a full disclosure moment, the fifth estate studio is a sea of glass oasis that draws our Parabola’s back week after week like radio moths drawn to the flame of our quest. This week’s quest talks talk. Context on what we played and pithy commentary that just might create pandemonium (that word again!). Music to keep those nubbins joyful from the likes of the Polyrhythmics, The Mothers of Invention, The DB’s, Ahmad Jamal, Lene Lovich, Rosalie Cunningham, and Steve Gibson’s Red Caps, to name but seven of our 18 selections. As the Polyrhythmics cheerfully say, Yeti, Set, Go! Now audible on You Tube Music as well as the other portals that are home to the Parabola and are listed on our show’s Facebook page.
Published: 6/12/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 29-11-2023( 1:57:56)       
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Caper 105. Seems like it was a while ago. Because it was! I've had matters of great social, personal, and of political import to tend to in the interim. So here’s what I recall and it’s not much on this cold late autumn night in New J. This week’s twin games, musical hopscotch and mental gymnastics began with Pops/Satch aka Louis Armstrong, and The Rascals and Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, and Wet Willie, and the Blind Boys of Alabama and ended with the likes of the Skatalites, Grace Jones,and Femi Kuti. I think. Sandwiched at the midpoint of our jubilee because we hear the cry of the people is the second week in a row of a fly-by from the Parabola’s ace up our sleeve, the Mystery Man. He whose street cred has never been higher. No refunds on this show, it was carefully lashed together with the young and old to enjoy. On to caper 106!
Published: 29/11/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 22-11-2023( 1:57:1)       
Episode Information
Two years. Two burly mofos who work for two radio stations. Got a Noah’s Ark vibe going on here. Clearly. What we also have going on here is a celebration of word, sound and palooka power. You’ll hear jokes and teeth gnashing and the second appearance of my wingman, the Mystery Man. We played new music and old music and had a mighty good time doing it. We’re trusting and hoping you’ll have a mighty good time listening to it. It's Thanksgiving time here in America. Allow me to now raise a frosty mug full of beyond excellent brew to our listeners of the last two years and don’t try to hide... we see you! On to to caper 105 next week on November 29th!
Published: 22/11/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 15-11-2023( 1:57:45)       
Episode Information
Jesus once said ‘Come and I’ll make you fishers of men to the Apostles’. Being straight, I don’t need to pull up a net full of men, but it’s okay with me is that’s your dream come true. Here’s what I did snare this week when I cast my line for worthy candidates to have at you musically on caper 103 of the Paleface Parabola. NRBQ, Bruce Smith, The Eternals, The Flamingos, Fela Kuti, Los Lobos, and Samantha Fish with Jesse Dayton are but seven artists that aid us in raging against the dying of the three-chord light. And we do this because you are nice people you are!
Published: 15/11/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 08-11-2023( 1:57:46)       
Episode Information
Quiet on the set! Make way for the Mystery Man and me as well, Jumpin JB. Caper 102 of the Paleface Parabola is tough and tender in all the right places. Fresh as cool cool water running down our faces if you will. Playing and singing to aid and abet our need to entertain you are the likes of The Morells, Chris Powell & the Blue Flames, Joss Stone, Dexter Gordon & Slide Hampton, Graham Parker & the Goldtops, and the troublemakers known as W.I.T.C.H. More than that, naturally. As Mr Natural once said,’Twas ever Thus’.
Published: 8/11/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 01-11-2023( 1:57:51)       
Episode Information
My favourite line from what I thought was an overrated movie, the Blues Brothers, is as follows... ‘It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark outside and we’re wearing sunglasses’. And Belushi doesn’t hesitate. He says, ‘Hit It!' Subtract five miles and half a world away and you’ve got the Mystery Man and me wearing our Ray Bans and racing towards fortune and glory on caper 101 of the Paleface Parabola. Riding shotgun musically are the likes of the Moody Blues, Caravan, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Andre Williams, Cornbread and Biscuits, and Muddy Waters. Treats, not Tricks.
Published: 1/11/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 25-10-2023( 1:57:43)       
Episode Information
Keeping it at 100. Except we won’t because caper 101 is but a week away and showbiz credo says if you can walk you can make the gig. Hamilton NZ is a long walk from our turf in New Jersey, so we’ll settle for basking in the rosy glow of 100 shows in the idyllicville of Free FM. Man what a joy. This week’s 2 hour tour de farce goes to places even further outside our basic oaf without borders confines. And to add bounce and luster of Jerry’s Holiday Camp, the Mystery Man is unveiled in word and song!! A big bottle of your choice raised to the occasion of our celebration. On to number 200!
Published: 25/10/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 18-10-2023( 1:57:57)       
Episode Information
The One After 909 you say? Taking the elevator to the 99th floor? You got 99 problems that are tricky to solve and you seek friends to get you thru to live your best radio life? Well heck, that’s where the mystery man and I can write a prescription with no nasty side effects. Caper 99 of the Paleface Parabola spares no ears or expense. So if you got time, we got a music dime for you. Mose Allison, Tom Waits, Wynton Marsalis, Albert Ammons, Kings in Disguise, and Jayne Mansfield are all on the hit parade this week. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry... You’ll mostly cry, I cheerfully predict.
Published: 18/10/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 11-10-2023( 1:57:52)       
Episode Information
Delmore Schwartz, poetic mentor to Lou Reed once said: Let the musicians begin. Let every instrument awaken and instruct. Elvis Costello wrote and sang: Waiting for the end of the World. Seems to me both scenarios apply to caper 98 of the Paleface Parabola this week and we address both and more, much more on our programme. How so, you quite rightly ask? Danny White, Los Straitjackets, Los Lobos, Link Wray & the Raymen, Bill Kelly & the House of Cards, Coleman Hawkins, and Blakey & the Jazz Messengers all step up into the breach, to take your mind off impending doom. Courtesy of your fun bunch, aka the Mystery Man, Jumpin JB, and the fantastico Free 89.0. And it’s been said before but bears repeating on this week of John Lennon’s Birthday... How bout we give peace a chance?!
Published: 11/10/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 04-10-2023( 1:54:54)       
Episode Information
A quick glance, or optimally a quick listen, just might elicit a ho-hum from those used to the archaeological dig The Paleface Parabola often offers... Feel no fret. While indeed we proudly spotlight the likes of Little Richard, The Kinks, The Rutles, the Flaming Groovies, and Isaac Hayes on this week’s saga (aka caper 97) there’s plenty there to keep the obscure customers satisfied imho. We decree it thus. The mystery man and I now lay in wait so that we may mix up the medicine another day. Or night. Or morning... Makes no never mind to us as long as we meet and greet next week.
Published: 4/10/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 27-09-2023( 1:57:50)       
Episode Information
Random notes from the Outsiders Outpost. Fear and Loathing from the Fifth Estate Studio A. Inspired by the ravings of the once boy genius named Jaan Weiner. We use ire to fuel caper 96’s muse of the Paleface Parabola to the tunes of: The Upsetters (Lee Scratch Perry’s studio band), Peter Tosh, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson, Flook, John Doyle, and a heck of a lot more. We said a heck of a lot of more. No reason to apply the brakes. The Mystery Man and me, Jumpin JB, bring relief and revelation you can’t find at the bottom of a bottle. Most bottles anyway.
Published: 27/09/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 20-09-2023( 1:55:40)       
Episode Information
Let’s face it, this century has been a certified nosebleed so far. Biblical skeptics aside, you could make a case that we are hurtling towards a crash landing on steroids. Now that we’ve cleared that up, on to what you need to know about Caper 95 of the Paleface Parabola musically... Zappa, The Dukes of Stratosphear, The Swamp Zombies, and The Pretty Things all represent our jubilee and assist us in rearranging deck chairs on spaceship Earth. And now it’s on... to a better day.
Published: 20/09/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 13-09-2023( 1:57:29)       
Episode Information
Feel like you’ve been stuck inside a mental and musical glue trap in the last seven days since we last surfed the Milky Way together on the radio? Dr’s Jumpin JB and Mystery M have a black bag full of joy as relief to being in neutral. Caper 94 of our quest makes winners out of cowards. So says our musical co-conspirators: Southern Culture on the Skids, Don Ralke, Ernest Ranglin, The Church, Fiona Apple, and Rodrigo Y Gabriella to name but six of our outstanding cast. Feel better? Good. Now let’s go exploring...
Published: 13/09/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 06-09-2023( 1:57:37)       
Episode Information
Caper 93 is both a passing fancy in a senior citizen dream AND a call to action for the seventh highest rated podcast music programme on our place in space, Free FM 89.0... where spring has sprung in Hamilton, NZ, and anyone else from anywhere else can climb aboard before we get too big for our britches and embrace the worldwide adoration that we tease about and acknowledge that the odds are skeptical about said adoration. We say that to this about those odds. We have firepower this week to aid and abet our cause. The likes of which are now named. Brave Combo, Morphine, Leo Kottke, Earl Hooker, The Staple Singers, Willie Nelson. Elvis Costello & the Attractions, and Neal Casal. Don’t fight it, feel it. And come on out to listen and play along. And that’s only about half the cosmik debris of this week’s Paleface Parabola!
Published: 6/09/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 30-08-2023( 1:57:54)       
Episode Information
It’s high time we sit in praise of community radio. No consultants, no demographics, no AI, no algorithms get in the way of this Oaf Without Borders as it pertains to the weekly opening of the Rock and Roll history books. Instead, what you’ll hear is topical and musical hopscotch at the same time. The likes of Philly Joe Jones and Tool huddle for warmth together. Weirdly I’ll grant you. We know from weird, as if you couldn’t have guessed. The Mystery Man and I have done our best to rearrange your music genetic DNA codes. Rejoice in it, don’t reject. Please…
Published: 30/08/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 23-08-2023( 1:56:36)       
Episode Information
Caper 91... It’s an achievement. However the road doesn’t end here. The Mystery Man and me have more noise to make and we do this week on the Paleface Parabola. The second week consecutively for the Kinks and Louis Jordan which we had a pact that we wouldn’t do. There’s a Marianas Trench of music in the known and unknown universe. Give another 91 tour de farces and we’ll do what we can to speak truth to power and given our average output of songs on each show. In a 52 week year, that’s approximately 1,000 songs. We state boldly and without fear of contradiction that we are in it to win it, so please stick around the next 91 presentations of Free FM gusto life, starring us burly bohemians.
Published: 23/08/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 16-08-2023( 1:57:0)       
Episode Information
This century… Wars,rumors of wars, 9-11. Christchurch. Daily mass shootings in America. Will Smith. My Baseball teams have been mostly terrible. A 100-year global epidemic. And a four-time indicted con ma… ex-president. You can’t make it up. But what you can do is set your musical gyroscope True North to the mystery man and mine’s 90th caper of the Paleface Parabola. On your radio and in your ears are the likes of Tiny Bradshaw’s Orchestra, Genesis, Buddy Guy, The Kinks and Eileen Jewel with Jerry Miller. World problems solved. For two hours anyway!
Published: 16/08/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 09-08-2023( 1:57:54)       
Episode Information
Mose Allison once wrote: Stop this world, I’m getting off. Before you ask for the exit door, please pause and give us two hours of your ears. Musically, Bill Nelson & his Gentlemen Rocketeers, Byron Lee & the Dragonaires, Louis Jordan & the Tympany 5, Pearl Bailey & Moms Mabley, The Pretty Things, and Charlie Mingus are part of our cry for attention this week on caper 88 of the Paleface Parabola. Have the mystery man and I stirred up a sensation lurking inside of you to stay just one more day/night to listen? Good. Then I think it’s going to work out.
Published: 9/08/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 02-08-2023( 1:57:56)       
Episode Information
Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess our game. Said romp and stomp is the freshly minted caper 88. Can your hearts stand the excitement of Tom Waits, the Allman Brothers Band, the 5 Royales, the Robert Cray Band, and many more sounds rescued from the murk of the primordial ooze of Rock and Roll history? We’ve gotten to know each other fairly well over the last nearly two years, so we’re reasonably confident that your hearts can stand the excitement.
Published: 2/08/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 26-07-2023( 1:57:51)       
Episode Information
In response to the cards and letters we’ve received here at world HQ of the Paleface Parabola... we’d like to meet your need to know by responding to the most asked questions. And they are: 1. The Paleface Parabola is… a cautionary tale on the search for a radio safe haven. And we have at Free FM. 2. The Paleface Parabola is… a music concept that is a moveable feast that shape shifts into a different caper every week. 3. The Paleface Parabola is… a sandwich you did not order. All true. This week’s show, number 87, is rich with potential to lure you into our camp. Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, The Blazers, Los Lobos, Alejandro Escovedo, and the Sugarman 3 are part of this week’s jubilee. There’s more too. Seen?
Published: 26/07/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 19-07-2023( 1:58:3)       
Episode Information
For those of you who haven’t kept score, this week’s Palefaced caper #86 is a doozy. Proof you ask, you impudent upstart you! U Roy, Wanda Jackson, Nancy Sinatra, Nick Waterhouse, Oliver Nelson’s Big Band is the teaser as to how we do it. Normally I’m reluctant to give even that much of the game away, but I’m trying to amend my wayward ways, so lend us an ear or two and the Mystery Man and I invite you to a heaping helping of the big beat. A Parabola is the quest from which we return changed yet essentially the same. It’s the weekly opening of the Rock and Roll history books with twists from 7,000 miles away.
Published: 19/07/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 12-07-2023( 1:58:10)       
Episode Information
A journey through a century of music, from The Byrds to a Nick Drake cover, with additional noises from The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra, Los Straitjackets, Cliff King Solomon, and Leon Bridges with Khruangbin. Feel no fret, there’s music and commentary addressing the plot points of life in the political world in 2023. The Paleface Parabola radio razzle dazzle. It’s the cure for the common classic rock show. A Parabola is the quest from which we return changed yet essentially the same. It’s the weekly opening of the Rock and Roll history books with twists from 7,000 miles away.
Published: 12/07/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 05-07-2023( 1:57:57)       
Episode Information
It’s said that you can’t always get what you want. A simple statement of truth which has become an anthem. The Mystery Man and I say that you CAN get what you need and that we make a point to sling musical joy for every girl and boy and cheer for both their ears on caper 84 of the Paleface Parabola. Call the roll! Spirit, the Ray Bryant Combo, The Pogues, The Band, and Mojo & Skid all step to the mic in this episode. Long live Rudy van Gelder!
Published: 5/07/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 28-06-2023( 1:57:55)       
Episode Information
The Mystery Man and I take our radio responsibility seriously in terms of bringing noise, joy and sunshine to our time together. This week’s programme (caper 83 of the Parabola) is a free-range animal. Starting by getting sanctified, doing the mambo with Tito Puente, knocking a few back with George Strait, and finally featuring a rare collaboration. Elvis pops up too, but not in person because yes, he’s still dead. Free FM is lifeblood. Listen, and receive a free of charge transfusion.
Published: 28/06/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 21-06-2023( 1:57:13)       
Episode Information
It’s said that time waits for no one. We didn’t say that. We would have, but someone beat us to it. But we can say the following about our latest Free FM caper, one we’ve crafted and created specifically to go wild here in New J on the first day of summertime in the States and to get your blood boiling for both good and bad reasons at our radio lifeboat in the North Island. Here’s a music teaser... John Lee Hooker, The Church, Binky Griptite & the Mellowmatics, and a baker’s dozen more will be your minstrels of joy. Your sanctification is but a song away.
Published: 21/06/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 14-06-2023( 1:57:56)       
Episode Information
This radio thing... It gets under the skin, y’know? For us, it’s hard to conceive of a week where we can’t partake in the rich blessing that comes with communicating and musical plate spinning. Which comes in the form of Paul Weller, Kendra Morris and Charlie Haden, among the all-stars and no-stars this week on the good ship Parabola. Representing Free FM 89.0. A fine how do you do, and a storybook ending to having been left in a basket on the station’s doorstep nearly two years ago.
Published: 14/06/2023 10:00:00 p.m.
The Paleface Parabola - 07-06-2023( 1:57:14)       
Episode Information
The mystery man and I have spent our lives in music. Soaked to the bone, hip deep in the healing waters, and one step ahead of the hangman. Melee 24 of 2023 finds us feeling frisky and unleashing a torrent of sound and words. Music by the likes of Madeleine Bell and Tinariwen and mucho mas where that came from. Savour this show because it’ll be different next week. There are many options to hear our noise. One will do nicely.
Published: 7/06/2023 10:00:00 p.m.

A weekly opening of the Rock and Roll history books with twists from 7,000 miles away. The Paleface Parabola features 9 tracks from 9 decades. Hosted by Jumpin JB (New Jersey), he spins records AND plates.

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