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Kōrero Mai 02-01-2022 The Hospital Experience( 0:19:45)       
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Do you know what to expect if you present at your local emergency department (ED)? How would the doctor/nurses know what your healthcare wishes, values, and goals are? Find out the importance of starting the conversation, documenting your advance care plan, and having your information available at the hospital, especially in these Covid times.
Published: 5/01/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Kōrero Mai 05-12-2021 People’s Stories( 0:29:27)       
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Let your voice be heard! Local people telling their stories about the value of having an Advance Care Plan documented before a health crisis occurs.
Published: 6/12/2021 2:30:00 p.m.
Kōrero Mai 07-11-2021 Let's Talks Advance Care Planning( 0:17:9)       
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Mary will give an overview of what Advance Care Planning is all about.
Published: 8/11/2021 10:45:00 a.m.

Advance Care Planning is a process to ensure your voice is heard even if you are unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself.

Host: Mary Robertson
Produced By: Access Radio Taranaki
Language: English
Category: Health & Disability
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