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Frankly Friday

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Frankly Friday 02-12-2022 Project Maunga _TWOA( 0:57:23)       
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Mereana Hanrahan, Cameron Blenco and Brandon Kingi love their work. They are all rangers for DOC and Project Maunga and are dedicated to pest eradication in the Kaitakes. They talk with Anne about their work and its successes and challenges. Then Pep Mathieson, from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, shares the courses that will be available at Ngāmotu Wharekura in 2023.
Published: 2/12/2022 10:45:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 25-11-2022 Raymond Tuuta on Identity( 0:59:1)       
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Raymond Tuuta explores the importance of identity, sense of self, and finding your own place in the world, through the lens of his own life journey.
Published: 25/11/2022 4:00:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 18-11-2022 Part 2 - Bev Darlow From Cystic Fibrosis( 0:27:23)       
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Bev Darlow is a social worker and the Community Support Lead for Cystic Fibrosis.
Published: 18/11/2022 11:15:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 18-11-2022 Part 1_Huirangi School Speech Winners( 0:30:11)       
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Natalie Looney, Principal of Huirangi School, brings in three delightful students who were winners in their year's speech competition this year, to share those winning speeches: Indie, Year 4, on The Milky Way; Matilda, Year 5, on Deforestation, and Riley, Year 6, shares his three most embarrassing moments.
Published: 18/11/2022 11:00:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 11-11-2022 Don Roper from Community Patrol( 0:58:30)       
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New Plymouth Community Patrol is a community backed initiative to reduce crime and build safer communities. Chairman Don Roper talks with Anne about what they do and how they do it, and puts out the call for new members.
Published: 11/11/2022 10:00:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 04-11-2022 Taranaki Sings( 0:56:8)       
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'Modern-day troubadour' Julian Raphael, plus Laura and Dave, are in to talk about the Taranaki Sings project and invite the community to come and be part of the Speigelfest street performance, featuring no less than seven community choirs.
Published: 4/11/2022 10:33:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 28-10-2022 Diwali and Shake Out( 0:58:59)       
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Ashwani and Pankti, from the New Plymouth Indian Community, talk about Diwali - what it means to the Indian community, and how its celebrated - in the lead up to New Plymouth's Diwali celebrations. Anne talks about Shake Out earthquake drills, tsunami evacuation zones and the importance of knowing your zone and having a plan for when the s**t hits the fan
Published: 28/10/2022 3:15:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 21-10-2022 Taranaki Health Foundation & Heritage Taranaki( 0:58:40)       
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Anne meets with Simon Velk and Grant Carter, of Taranaki Health Foundation, who talk about the work they do raising funds to add value to our hospital. Then Rob Green from Heritage Taranaki pops in to give an update about the events that are coming up for Taranaki Heritage Month.
Published: 25/10/2022 12:15:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 07-10-2022 The Junction _ Mardi Gras( 1:0:57)       
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Doug, from The Junction Re-Use Shop, comes in to chat about the latest developments at The Junction, which include recycling tetrapak packaging into SaveBoard - a sustainable building material. Amanda, from the Performing Arts Collective is in to promote their upcoming performance. Based around the theme of Mardi Gras, it promises to be a fun-filled, chaotic party.
Published: 7/10/2022 1:15:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 30-09-2022 Startup Weekend Taranaki( 0:56:20)       
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Cauliflower ice cream? Really? 'Startup Weekend Taranaki returns to empower the region's enterprising dreamers.' Organiser of the upcoming Startup Weekend in Oakura, Dan Thurston Crow talks with Anne about the weekend and how they work. He is joined by two past Startup participants, Jenni and Simeon, who talk about their experiences and the businesses that grew out of their respective Startup Weekends.
Published: 30/09/2022 10:15:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 23-09-2022 Taranaki Heritage Month_Community Quilt of Hope( 1:0:18)       
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What is heritage? Whose heritage is it? Rob Green and Susanne Rawson of Heritage Taranaki talk about the inaugural Taranaki Heritage Month, 1 Oct - 5 Nov, during which these questions and more will be explored. Then Anne is joined by MP Glenn Bennett, NPDC Councillor Amanda Clinton-Gohdes, and quilter Lesley Ault, who talk about the 'Taranaki Apart Together Project, grown out of the first Covid lockdown, resulting in the beautiful patchwork quilt that is hanging in ART window for the next mnth.
Published: 23/09/2022 11:45:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 16-09-2022 Te Reo Journeys_Mental Health Awareness Week( 1:0:0)       
Episode Information
To mark Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, Liz and Callum share their Te Reo Journeys and chat with Anne about the importance of Te Reo Māori to New Zealanders. Then Anne is joined by Sam Mahy, Taranaki Suicide Prevention and Postvention Coordinator with Tui Ora, who promotes the activities and events that are part of Mental Health Awareness Week.
Published: 16/09/2022 11:45:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 09-09-2022 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Superannuation and TEMO( 1:0:52)       
Episode Information
Helen Gaudin and Sarah Foy, from MSD, discuss superannuation: who can, and how and when to apply, Kiwisaver in relation to the Super, and the Gold Card. Then Todd Vevers, from Taranaki Emergency Management Office. talks about business resilience, Shakeout Day (27 October) and its focus on tsunami safety, and the role of TEMO during extreme weather events.
Published: 9/09/2022 1:45:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 02-09-2022 A Duo of Duos_Roland McKellar on R.H. Morrieson( 1:4:42)       
Episode Information
Danni is one half of the duo 'In the Shallows', which is combining forces with another duo 'Looking For Alaska' for a Spring Tour. Ahead of their New Plymouth date, Danni talks with Anne about the two duos, their similarities and differences, and how they fit together. Then Mikaela Nyman talks with writer Roland McKellar ahead of the book launch of his biography of R. H. Morrieson - the writer and person behind Taranaki's Ronald Hugh Morrieson Literary Awards.
Published: 2/09/2022 11:00:00 a.m.
Frankly Friday 26-08-2022 Virtual Reality Training_Laura On Caregivers( 1:0:2)       
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Ever thought of vocational training through virtual reality? Skills VR have. Rachel Matela from Skills VR talks through the how and the why of VR training, which is now available through MSD. Then Laura Durville talk about her research project focusing on caregivers and how they look after their own health and wellbeing.
Published: 26/08/2022 3:15:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 19-08-2022 Atamira Dance & Muzza( 0:58:50)       
Episode Information
The esteemed Atamira Dance Co is bringing their dance performance piece, "Te Wheke" to New Plymouth. Anne talks with one of the directors, Kelly Nash. Te Wheke (The Octopus) is based around the late Rangimarie Rose Pere's model of hauora, which aligns a Matauranagi Maori dimension of health and wellbeing to each of the eight tentacles. Then Anne talks with New Plymouth personality Muzza the Mullet, about town, family, and the mullet.
Published: 19/08/2022 12:00:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 12-08-2022 International Students( 0:55:53)       
Episode Information
After being closed for two and a half years, NZ's borders have now re-opened to international students. Rachel Berndt from Venture Taranaki, talks about what this means for the region, Dean from PIHMS gives an educator's perspective, and Veronica shares her journey as an international student from China, pre-Covid, who is now back to resume her studies.
Published: 12/08/2022 2:30:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 05-08-2022 Flourish( 0:58:37)       
Episode Information
Carla Moore is the driving force behind the community collaboration, 'Flourish', which focuses on parenting education and support. Together with her 'super-volunteer', Deborah Baker, they speak with Anne about Flourish, the community needs the organisation sets out to meet, and the amazing range of ways they offer to meet those needs.
Published: 5/08/2022 2:45:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 15-07-2022 From Multiple Sclerosis to Suspension Bridges( 0:59:5)       
Episode Information
Graham Walker is a busy man. He talks with Anne about Multiple Sclerosis, being on the Consumer Council for Te Whatu Ora Taranaki, and (his passion project) the Bertrand Road Suspension Bridge, which has its 125th anniversary this weekend.
Published: 15/07/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 08-07-2022 Waitara Food Security - Erin Tate( 0:30:29)       
Episode Information
Erin Tate is from the Waitara Food Bank and Food Secure Waitara. In a pre-recorded presentation to the North Taranaki community (from 27 June), Erin shares plans to address the growing issues of food security, resilience and sovereignty and to offer support for North Taranaki whanau to have access to nutritious and filling kai.
Published: 8/07/2022 1:30:00 p.m.
Frankly Friday 08-07-2022 Te Whatu Ora Taranaki( 0:29:19)       
Episode Information
Gillian Campbell is the Interim District Director of the new Public Health entity for or region: Te Whatu Ora Taranaki. Today she talks with Anne about the transition from the Taranaki District Health Board, why the changes are needed, the goals for the new entity and what it means for you, the people who depend on their services.
Published: 8/07/2022 1:00:00 p.m.

Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 

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