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Tips for an active healthy festive season – 11-12-2023( 0:25:51)       
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Tis the season to be jolly and stay active… Christmas is just around the corner, which means there are going to be cocktails, beers, pavlova and chocolate! And ohhh me gosh we are here for it! We are all about enjoying and embracing this time of year but keeping balance too. We know that this time of year can be tricky when navigating nutrition and exercise - it can easily go out the wazoo with so many social occasions and yummy food around… So we are here to dish out all the tips and tricks to navigate the festive season while keeping your health and wellness in check. From indulging in guilt-free holiday treats to maintaining an active lifestyle amidst the celebrations! Jen shares invaluable insights on how to strike the perfect balance between merry-making and keeping those workouts in action!
Published: 11/12/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Lets Talk Pelvic Girdle Pain – 04-12-2023( 0:32:11)       
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Pelvic Girdle Pain during pregnancy and or postpartum is very common and....not fun! Affecting 29% to 50% of women during pregnancy and between 10% and 30% following birth, Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) can be a real pain in the butt (no pun intended). It can affect your everyday life, and jeepers, can it throw a curveball into your exercise routine! Within this episode Jen fills us in on what Pelvic Girdle Pain is, what causes it and dishes out some tips on how to tweak your exercise to deal with PGP. Whether you're a mama-to-be, a gym regular, or just someone dealing with pelvic discomfort, we've got your back. Tune in for some real talk and practical strategies to keep moving, even when PGP is trying to cramp your style.
Published: 4/12/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Postpartum Real Talk - Navigating the 6-Week Check, Fitness Green Light, and Rens Unfiltered Journey - 27-11-2023( 0:26:28)       
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Ren's 6 weeks postpartum and it's been a wild ride. In today's ep she talks all things about the magic 6-week check, spills the beans on what's actually covered, and gives us the scoop on getting the green light to start your return to exercise. Ren's not holding back – she's dishing out the deets on what really goes down during the postpartum check. Spoiler alert: It's not always what you'd hope for. It's a bit disappointing that here in NZ, the standard checkup routine 99.9% of the time doesn't give new mums the thorough once-over they deserve after growing and birthing a tiny human. BUT.. we've got your back, Ren shares tips on how to speak up for yourself and steps to take to ensure you get the care and support you need. Ren also gives us an inside look at her postpartum rehab journey (or lack thereof), her transparency is real and relatable, if you're a new mum, about to be one, or just curious about what postpartum life is really like, hit play!
Published: 27/11/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Julia and her first year of motherhood – 20-11-2023( 0:46:28)       
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Join us this week for an enjoyable, lighthearted chat with our Head Trainer, Julia! Julia's adorable son, Jack, is celebrating his first birthday soon, so Jen took the opportunity to sit down with her and hear about her first year of motherhood. From chats on sleep and breastfeeding to the challenging journey of rediscovering yourself as a mum, they cover it all! Julia shares what brings joy to her daily life, how she finds the time to move with a busy boy, and offers valuable tips on maintaining open communication with your partner throughout the first year of motherhood! This week's episode is packed with insights and so much warmth, we hope you love it!
Published: 20/11/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Mum Hacks - Mastering Workouts with Kids – 13-11-2023( 0:26:56)       
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Get our working out with kids mum hacks! In this week's episode Jen share's our top 5 tips on how to get your workouts done with little ones in tow! Jen delves into her own experiences, shares her hot tips and offers practical advice on maintaining your workout routine while embracing the chaos of motherhood. Find out how she works out with her tribe of 3 underfoot and learn about her attitude towards making the most of this phase of life! Jen emphasizes the importance of prioritizing your wellbeing without letting the pitter-patter of tiny feet hold you back and how exercising in front of your children is powerful role modeling, showcasing those little eyes that exercise is an amazing tool not only for physical health but mental health too! How cool that we as mums get to teach our children this? Tune in for mum-tested, expert-approved advice, a few lols and learn how to balance your fitness goals with the realities of motherhood.
Published: 13/11/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Maternal birth injuries covered by ACC - Whats funded and whats not - Joined by special guests - Liberty Physiotherapy - 06-11-2023( 0:34:55)       
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October 1st, 2022 marked a milestone event for birthing parents in New Zealand - The Maternal Birth Injury Bill became effective; ACC legislation was amended to include a number of maternal birth injuries as personal accidents. At She Moves we've seen first hand the long-lasting effects that Maternal birth injuries can have on women, so you betcha we were smiling ear to ear when we heard this news! The passing of this bill is such a pivotal step forward, enabling more kiwi women to access the treatment and support they deserve! Within this episode we are joined by expert Pelvic Health Physios from Liberty Physio, who talk us through what this means for birthing parents in New Zealand – what's covered and what's not. This is an essential listen for any new mum navigating a birth injury, ensuring she's well-informed about her entitlements and the support available..
Published: 6/11/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Making Informed Child Care Choices for New Parents – 30-10-2023( 0:58:25)       
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A conversation nothing about fitness... BUT a conversation that we know will help so many new mums (and Dads!) from our community! Choosing child care can be one of the most daunting and emotional decisions you'll face in the early years of parenting. Join Ren as she delves into a convo with Daynah Hariss, an early childcare expert who wears multiple hats as a centre owner, manager, and teacher. We chat over the differences between kindy, daycare, and play centres, discuss key factors for parents to consider, we chat about structured learning versus free play, primary care - what it is and why it's important. Daynha also shares valuable insights into the kind of communication you can expect as a parent, making those challenging drop-offs a little smoother, and what's crucial when it comes to safety and child-to-caregiver ratios. We hope this information-packed episode helps and provides you with a little extra knowledge and confidence to make the best decision for your family! Enjoy!
Published: 30/10/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Jens prolapse recovery story - 23-10-2023( 0:36:24)       
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Join us for an in-depth conversation as we dive into Jen's four-year journey of prolapse recovery. A journey filled with hours of rehab, frustrating setbacks, including the challenges she faced while navigating the birth of her third child with a prolapse, which understandably brought some anxiety. Jen shares her experience, valuable insights, and fills us in on how things are going as she returns to running - something she has worked so incredibly hard for! If you're a mum on a prolapse journey, you won't want to miss this one, we hope it provides inspiration on your rehab journey!
Published: 23/10/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Perimenopause - what to expect getting prepared HRT and more with expert Niki Bezzant – 16-10-2023( 0:44:47)       
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Join us this week as we shed light on the years of hot flushes, mood swings, and hormone fluctuations... You guessed it, we're chatting all things Perimenopause! While we haven't personally navigated these years yet, we are joined by Menopause expert Niki Bezzant to ask all the questions you've been curious about! Whether you're in the midst of this journey, intrigued, or gearing up for this life stage, this is a must-listen. You'll gain valuable insights, tips, and tools to get you prepared for this stage of life - You betcha we chat about exercise too because indeed, it can play a significant role during these years as well.
Published: 16/10/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Unlocking Workout Progress - Top Tips to Break Through Plateaus – 09-10-2023( 0:27:38)       
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Hello there gals! We are BACK and ready for Season 4! We missed you all! Did you miss us? Today's ep is all about tips and tricks to help you move forward in terms of your fitness, it's a boomer and loaded with incredible tips! If you're dedicated to ya She Moves workouts but maybe feel a bit stuck, like you're not moving forward as quickly as you feel you should be then this one is for you! In this ep, Jen dives into the often underrated yet incredibly effective strategies that can make a HUGE difference to your fitness. She chats everything from form... levelling up your weights, progressive overload - what even is that? How you NEED to mix things up and keep ya sessions fresh! Rest days - my gosh why these are so bloody important, mobility, sleep and more! Chuck in those pods and get ready for expert advice and actionable steps to help you push your exercise routine to new heights and achieve epic results. Whether you're a new mum or a fitness enthusiast you will absolutely take something from this quick fire chat!
Published: 16/10/2023 10:00:00 a.m.
Rens Unfiltered Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester Realities, Birth Plans, Postpartum Prep, and Staying Active – 18-09-2023( 0:40:38)       
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To wrap up season 3 Ren spills the beans on what her third trimester has really been like – no filter here! She dives into how it's been such a rollercoaster and doesn't hold back about the mental and emotional challenges she's faced during this journey. We get into Ren's birth plan—or lack thereof! She shares her approach to this personal decision and her perspective on embracing the unpredictability of birth. We then chat about all things postpartum phase, Ren reveals her plans for recovery, and how her nesting and meal prep has been going - as always that gal is organised! She shares what she's most nervous about going from 2-3 children and what she can't wait for! Of course, we then had a chat exercise! Ren shares how she's been getting on with her movement, how her Pelvic Floor is holding up with all that PRESSURE and... she gets fired up about staying active, sharing valuable advice for mums-to-be as they approach those final weeks. Buckle in, she's a goodie!
Published: 18/09/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Understanding and Healing Birth Trauma in New Zealand with Kate Hicks – 11-09-2023( 0:30:38)       
Episode Information
Did you know that 1 in 3 women in New Zealand experience birth-related trauma? This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for change. In this week's episode join Jen as she chats with Kate Hicks, the inspiring founder of Birth Trauma Aotearoa, a fantastic organization committed to helping Kiwi women in their journey through birth trauma. Kate highlights the multifaceted nature of birth trauma, extending far beyond physical complications, you'll discover the warning signs to watch for and access valuable resources that empower women to navigate and heal from their traumatic experiences. If you or someone you know is struggling with their birth story, we hope this episode offers some help on the path to healing.
Published: 11/09/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Jen on developing gestational diabeties advice for anyone on this journey – 04-09-2023( 0:59:35)       
Episode Information
"You have Gestational Diabetes" – 4 words that can bring a wave of emotions to any expecting mother. Join us as we step into Jen's shoes during her 3rd pregnancy, where she faced this very unexpected challenge! In this episode, Jen shares with us her journey, the emotions she battled coming to terms with her diagnosis and the hurdles she overcame. Jen shares loads of invaluable advice for any expecting mama navigating a GD pregnancy. Within this episode, we also hear from Jessica, a knowledgeable Nutritionist from Wellness By Jessica, as she shares expert insights on managing GD through nutrition. Activate those pods ladies, this one is a goodie!
Published: 4/09/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Expert Mum Chat - Pregnancy Motherhood and Insights with Ren and Dr Julie Bhosale – 28-08-2023( 0:33:23)       
Episode Information
Ren gives us all an update on her pregnancy how she's feeling physically, mentally and how her exercise is going! At the time of recording, she's 34 weeks and very much ready to meet her baby! Ren then dives into a heartfelt and informative episode full of mum chat with Dr Julie Bhosale. Julie opens up about her personal journey through fertility challenges, the heartache of miscarriage, the struggles of breastfeeding, and the delicate art of balancing a thriving career with the demands of motherhood. She shares experiences, tips, tricks and so much more! Follow Julie on Instagram: She Moves update: Registrations for our She Starts Beginner Movement Challenge are now open! Perfect for anyone wanting to start their exercise journey. From pregnancy, to postpartum and beyond we have you covered. If you need to start your fitness journey then be sure to check out all the details on our website –
Published: 28/08/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Jens Positive Birth Stories – 21-08-2023( 1:5:13)       
Episode Information
Ren sits down with Jen to delve into all three of her birth stories! From fertility challenges and navigating trying to get pregnant with a unique cycle, to the power of natural medicine, Jen opens up about the highs and lows across all three pregnancies. With her first, Sayer, it was the stress of a 'small bump' and a long pushing phase that could have rocked her. However, all in all, it was an empowering experience that left her wanting more! Jen went into her second birth, in her words, "excited to do it again". Rio made a speedy entrance into the world, and Caleb and Jen's relaxed approach almost saw Maker arriving in the car! Maker bought a unique set of challenges, with Jen developing Gestational Diabetes. This time around, she was also navigating pregnancy and birth with Prolapse. Once again, after a speedy arrival, Maker joined the world! Tune in for all the juicy details - 3 positive birth stories and tips from Jen! The perfect listen for an expecting mum! She Moves update: Registrations for our She Starts Beginner Movement Challenge are now open! Perfect for anyone wanting to start their exercise journey. From pregnancy, to postpartum and beyond we have you covered. If you need to start your fitness journey then be sure to check out all the details on our website.
Published: 21/08/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Fit and Fabulous Pregnancy - Top 10 tips with Ren and Jen – 14-08-2023( 0:42:45)       
Episode Information
Our top 10 tips to keep your body groovin' and movin' while growing a human! Whether you're a first-timer or a pro mama, we have your back and belly! At the time of recording Ren's 32 weeks, she's sick & feeling it! Jen's a seasoned mum who's rocked three pregnancies like a boss! Let's get one thing straight – we're not here to bore you with fancy-pants lectures. Nah-uh! We're keeping it real with our stories and expert insights! As pre/postpartum pros, we've seen it all and we've been through it all too! Listen up for laughs and empowering insights as we spill our secrets to staying fit and fab while prego!
Published: 14/08/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Hyperemesis Gravidarum - A Mums Morning Sickness Story - 07-08-2023( 0:36:32)       
Episode Information
Morning sickness is tough but for those who have it throughout their entire pregnancy - it's next level! In today's episode, we hear from She Moves member and Mum of two Kayleigh Boobyer who suffered severe hyperemesis. She faced the harsh realities of constant sickness for nine months, impacting her physical and mental health. Listen as Kayleigh shares survival tips, insights on deciding to try for another baby, and how her family was better prepared the second time. In the ep, Ren also shares a little on her morning sickness journey, tips and tricks! A must-listen for anyone dealing with morning sickness!
Published: 7/08/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Talking cakes, nesting and getting your mojo back – 31-07-2023( 0:28:4)       
Episode Information
A light-hearted conversation this week... mainly chatting about ourselves! Jen's youngest babe Maker is turning 2 and she's feeling the Bday cake pressure, seriously why do we do it to ourselves?! Ren's now 30 weeks prego, and starting to get nesting vibes! We also chat about how time flies with little ones.. or does it? And how we rekin older people forget the tough bits? Eventually, we get to the guts of the episode where we talk about exercise and share an important message for anyone who might be feeling a little off track! Activate those pods for a few laughs and hopefully a dose of motivation too!
Published: 31/07/2023 9:30:00 a.m.
What is Diastasis Recti – 24-07-2023( 0:32:57)       
Episode Information
Are you struggling to understand Diastasis Recti, commonly known as abdominal separation? We've got all the answers you've been searching for! In this must-listen podcast episode, Jen delves deep into the world of Diastasis Recti to answer all your hot questions including; What exactly is Diastasis Recti? How do you know if you have it? Is it why I can't get rid of that stubborn tummy despite all my efforts? How can I prevent it during pregnancy? Most importantly Jen covers the best steps you can take to rehab, rebuild your strength, find confidence with your exercise and achieve a strong core!
Published: 24/07/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
The Mental Load of Motherhood – 17-07-2023( 0:55:33)       
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A big conversation about how we really feel about the mental load of motherhood, all those invisible tasks that ad up and feel heavy. The school forms, the shopping lists, the meal plans, the cleaning, cooking, the remembering of all the things! It's a whole lot to handle, and we're here to chat about it! Grab a cuppa or maybe a wine and get ready for some honest conversation, tips and tricks from the She Moves community on how to manage the load but mainly just have a good ol' venting session between us.
Published: 17/07/2023 12:00:00 p.m.
Hannah from Bear and Moo – Cloth Nappies – 26-06-2023( 0:41:55)       
Episode Information
Are you feeling the pinch of the skyrocketing cost of living? Did you know you could stash away up to $4,000 by using cloth nappies!? Join us in this episode where we delve into the art of saving money! Jen is joined by Hannah, the brilliant mind behind Bear & Moo, as they unravel the world of cloth nappies. They debunk common misconceptions, revealing how it's surprisingly effortless and much simpler than you might think! Hannah also shares some invaluable parenting hacks and mum life wins! A fabulous and inspiring listen!
Published: 26/06/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Postpartum Birth Injuries and more with Hannah Findlay – 19-06-2023( 1:1:1)       
Episode Information
Meet Hannah Findlay, a fitness trainer whose life took an unexpected turn after experiencing postpartum birth injuries. From the dream of being a fit pregnant mum to facing challenges like gestational diabetes, prolapse and abdominal seperation surgery. Hannah's journey has been a rollercoaster ride! Hannah shares her story with such openness and grace in the hope to help other mums going through similar challenges.
Published: 19/06/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Pelvic Organ Prolapse 12-06-2023( 0:34:46)       
Episode Information
Did you know that 50% of women who have a vaginal birth will experience some form of Pelvic Organ Prolapse? So common yet so not talked about! June is Pelvic Organ Prolapse Awareness month & here at She Move's we're dedicated to opening up conversations & helping women feel less alone. Join Ren in this episode where she answers community questions & discusses all things POP! What is it? How to know if you have it? What to do about it? Can I exercise? And so much more! This is a short & sharp educational listen that we know will help many!
Published: 12/06/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Ren's Pregnant – 02-06-2023( 0:52:32)       
Episode Information
Ren shares her last 5 months... a real rollercoaster ride! We find out why she chose to keep this news within her inner circle for so long; morning sickness; finding out the gender; & her girl's reactions to the news another baby was coming! And how she & Adam knew they wanted to try again after their heart-breaking loss last year; how pregnancy after loss has been much harder than anticipated; & a major curveball that tipped their world upside down at the 20 weeks scan. There is a lot in here!
Published: 2/06/2023 12:25:22 p.m.
Emma Cookman - on struggling with mental health – 29-05-2023( 0:35:0)       
Episode Information
Incredible HIIT trainer Emma opens up about her struggles with mental health. While Emma oozes boundless energy and positivity on the surface, after completing her law degree her world was marked by a relentless battle with her own mental well-being. She fearlessly reveals her struggles, embraces vulnerability, shares tips for seeking help and the lessons she's learned along the way. We are never alone in our battles and that there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. An inspiring listen!
Published: 29/05/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Ask the midwife with Renata Lardelli – 22-05-2023( 0:37:28)       
Episode Information
Renata, a passionate midwife, devoted Mum of 3 and inspiring businesswoman. This conversation is packed with invaluable information, especially for new Mums! Starting with practical tips on finding the perfect midwife, and addressing the concerns of those unable to secure a midwife, offering alternative solutions. We delve into essential aspects such as mental preparation for childbirth, making informed choices about birthing environments, and conquering the fourth trimester with confidence.
Published: 22/05/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
A must listen on Postnatal Depletion with Jessica White – 15-05-2023( 0:33:18)       
Episode Information
Do you often feel fatigued, lacking in motivation & energy? You may be experiencing postnatal depletion. In this episode, nutrition expert Jessica from Wellness by Jessica discusses this important topic. Jen & Jess delve into the specifics – its definition, signs to look for, & steps you can take to address it. They also explore strategies for prevention & offer valuable insights for all mums. An essential listen for anyone wanting to take charge of postnatal health & wellbeing.
Published: 15/05/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Nikki Clarke mum of 5 and founder of Cadenshae - 08-05-23( 0:42:35)       
Episode Information
Nikki Clark is founder and owner of popular activewear brand Cadenshae, she's also Mum to FIVE kids! Nikki shares what it's like running a thriving business while juggling a very busy family life – everything from starting the business to when she found out Katy Perry wears her designs! Plus her top mum hacks, how she shares the load with her husband at work and home, finding time for yourself and your wellbeing, and much more! Ren left the conversation feeling so inspired – we hope you do too!
Published: 8/05/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Perinatal Anxiety and Depression - Real stories with real mums – 01-05-2023( 0:47:56)       
Episode Information
Two incredible She Moves community members share stories of Perinatal Anxiety & Depression. Alisha tells what it's really like to have postnatal anxiety & how challenging it can be. Nicolle shares her experience of depression during pregnancy. We chat practical tips that helped them cope, discuss how hard it can be to ask for help & they both share advice for anyone going through tough times. A deep conversation with two mums passionate about breaking the stigma around maternal mental health.
Published: 1/05/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Listener Q&A - You asked and we answered! - 24-04-23( 0:46:37)       
Episode Information
We're kicking season 2 off with a banger by answering your burning questions! Tell ya what there's a bit of everything in here. From managing mum guilt to finding balance... or lack of. We chat tips for starting a biz, go on a few tangents and answer one of the regular questions we get... Do we do any exercise other than She Moves workouts??? We also think back to what advice we would give to our 21 year old selves. She's a goodie!
Published: 24/04/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
C-Section, the easy way out... 03-04-2023( 0:49:20)       
Episode Information
A very raw and real conversation on all things C-section. We discuss the social stigma of having a C-section, why it's absolutely NOT the easy way out and how we believe in NZ we really need to shift the way birth is framed and talked about! Birth is birth no mater what!! Tune into hear from two incredible women about their c-section experiences, Nicole Harris on her emergency C-section, how the plan didn't go to plan and Jess Patrick on her elective C-section. Trigger warning: Birth Trauma.
Published: 3/04/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Busting Postpartum Exercise Myths – 27-03-2023( 0:28:8)       
Episode Information
So you've had your six week check and you're ready to get moving? You're excited to fire back into your pre-baby exercise routine and can't wait to feel like you again? Without sounding like the fun police... hold up girl and listen in! In this pod Ren & Jen share exactly what they wish they were told as first time mums and bust postpartum exercise myths. A huge part of the She Moves mission is to educate Kiwi mums so that no mum is left asking - 'Why did no one tell me this?' Pods in!
Published: 27/03/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
New Mum? Listen now! Anna Barlow from Mom Store – 20-03-2023( 0:24:42)       
Episode Information
Jen welcomes Anna Barlow to the poddy, founder of the amazing Mom Store! Mom Store is for the eco-conscious mother & child providing beautiful & essential items to support Mums in pregnancy, postpartum & beyond. Anna is such a down to earth hard working mum BOSS! On the pod Anna shares how she juggles owning a biz while juggling two wee babes, how she fits in her workouts & has the BEST advice for new mums on ditching the expectations! Lol we also chat about always being late for daycare IYKYK!
Published: 20/03/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Ren opens up – 13-03-2023( 0:34:2)       
Episode Information
Serious deep chat! Jen hits Ren with some tough questions - what she loves the most about motherhood, what's been the hardest, how exercise became such an important part of her life and how her family is everything to her! Ren shares how the newborn days really cracked her open, she touches on navigating a devastating miscarriage, talks ultimate mom hacks and reveals her biggest pet peeve about working with Jen! Can you guess? Enjoy ladies!
Published: 13/03/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Congratulations you're having twins - Kate Hiini - 06-03-2023( 0:28:6)       
Episode Information
Super Mum Kate Hiini shares with Ren how she coped & sometimes didn't cope with going from 1 to 3 kids under 5! We chat through her journey on returning to exercise post twins & how she did it differently second time round. Kate also talks passionately about having something outside of motherhood, she recently finished her real-estate training, we were pumped to hear about this journey & how she managed to fit it all in! Active those pods girls!
Published: 6/03/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
4 Powerful tips to achieve your fitness goals – 27-02-2023( 0:32:25)       
Episode Information
According to Adam Ren needs a hobby & according to Caleb Jen's life, amin needs a serious overhaul! If you need inspo to stop thinking & start doing when it comes to ya fitness, if you're feeling unmotivated, like you just can't find your mojo but know you need to then GIRL this is for you! Join us for some SERIOUS real talk about the realities of achieving fitness goals, how we all need to better accept being crap at new things & how your mindset is everything! Let's get you fired up! PODS IN!
Published: 27/02/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Pregnancy, birth and the early days with Julia - 16-02-2023( 0:39:38)       
Episode Information
We then get allllll the juicy details on Julia’s birth... a positive experience but one that didn't exactly go to plan! Do they ever? Julia also authentically opens up and talks us through all things pregnancy and how during this time she looked at exercise a little differently. If you're a soon to be mum this is a must listen! Positive birth story, induction, seeing a women's health physio and her excitement about getting back into exercise!
Published: 20/02/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Laura MacDonald The Kiwi Country Girl- 13-02-2023( 0:38:17)       
Episode Information
Heated debate on crocs, are they fashion or are they absolutely not? Also veggie garden chat can you guess who's nailing it and who's not? This week we've got a lighthearted episode with Laura MacDonald, mum of 3 & face behind Kiwi Country Girl! A blog dedicated to living wholesomely! Jen chats with Laura about her journey, motherhood, overcoming adversity, exercise, tips to make home cooked meals easier and so much more! Activate those pods girls! Follow Laura @thekiwicountrygirl
Published: 13/02/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Jenna in the hot seat - 06-02-2023( 0:27:18)       
Episode Information
Warning tears are shed in this one as Ren asks Jen some deep Qs! Find out who Jen really is, what lead her to a career in health & fitness & who she draws her motivation from. On the motherhood front we cover what she loves & what she finds the most challenging juggling her tribe of 3! Jen also shares her morning routine.. or lack of, we touch on her journey to conception with her first babe & gestational diabetes with her 3rd! Get the pods in babes there's a lot in here!
Published: 6/02/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
Guest Interview - Jess Urlich on Early Motherhood – 30-01-2023( 0:38:54)       
Episode Information
Jess is a mum to 3 - Harry, Holly & Heidi aged 5 and under, wife to Drew, #1 best selling author & has built an incredible community of over 200 thousand mothers on Instagram! Ren chats with Jess about all things mum life including her experience with postpartum anxiety, how she navigated two devastating miscarriages & how she juggles her passion for writing around 3 tiny humans! Jess also shares some fab tips for new mums! Get your pods in ladies! Follow jess on Instagram @jessurlichs_writer
Published: 30/01/2023 10:30:00 a.m.
The She Moves story – 25-01-2023( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Our first episode! This was FULL ON to pull together but we did it and we're so excited to share with our community and start this poddy journey! We thought the best place to start would be at the beginning, so we're sharing the She Moves story! We've got yarns in this poddy we've never shared before! Hear why we started She Moves, changes we've made along the way, laugh out loud moments, challenges and future goals. Follow us on Instagram @shemovesnz or visit
Published: 25/01/2023 9:00:00 a.m.

The She Moves Podcast is your go-to podcast for all things motherhood, exercise and realistic self-care with hosts Ren and Jen. Two small town besties and award-winning pre/postpartum fitness trainers who’ve grown a successful community through their online workout programme. You’ll hear them chatting about the hard stuff, the invisible load of motherhood, love, loss, juggling balls and trying to find balance. The She Moves Podcast is here to bring you practical information, tips and tricks to help you navigate your motherhood journey. Get ready to hear actionable advice, best-kept wellness secrets, many candid conversations with Kiwi mums and no doubt a few laughs too! Stay tuned for a new episode dropping every Monday in line with the NZ school terms! Ren and Jen know ya got a lot on so their episodes aim to be short and sweet but pack a punch - just like their workouts ;) To learn more follow She Moves on Instagram @shemovesnz or

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