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The Catchup - 06-07-2022( 0:27:51)       
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Jimmy Ellingham (RNZ)
Published: 6/07/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 01-07-2022( 0:29:36)       
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Tangi Utikere is MP for Palmerston North and he joins us to discuss day 1 of the new Health entity in Aotearoa, and the first public holiday to mark Matariki. We also talk about the fair trade agreement with the EU, Liquor reforms being discussed in Parliament and the ongoing debates in the house that will determine the future of Huia st reserve in Palmerston North.
Published: 1/07/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 29-06-2022( 0:23:53)       
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Matt Dallas is from the Manawatū Standard and he joins us to discuss what they have been reporting on including last Friday's matariki celebrations and a great front page article on a local Bollywood dancing group. We also acknowledge the MidCentral DHB's last meeting, and calls from the Cheltenham community to address a narrow bridge in the area. There's also the story of Woodville's meth queen turning her life around in prison and getting parole.
Published: 29/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 28-06-2022( 0:27:23)       
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Rachel Keedwell is the Chairperson of Horizons Regional Council and she joins us to share how she spent the first matariki public holiday and discuss her first term as Chair in the lead up to the local body elections later this year. We discuss the reappointment of Michael McCartney as CEO, the activation of floodgates over the past two weeks and the giant snails that have appeared in Tōtara reserve.
Published: 27/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 24-06-2022( 0:26:32)       
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Ian McKelvie is MP for Rangitikei and he joins us to discuss Soraya Peke-Mason heading to parliament for the labour party (she ran against him in the 2020 elections). We talk about proposed changes to law to protect BYO for race meetings, and talk about Sam Uffendell's victory in the Tauranga by-election. We also discuss general cost of living issues and the best structures for ensuring Maori are heard and enabled to tackle issues that disproportionally effect them.
Published: 24/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 22-06-2022( 0:28:8)       
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Jimmy Ellingham (RNZ)
Published: 22/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 21-06-2022( 0:29:13)       
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Warren McNabb is a Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Massey University and the Riddet Institute, and he joins us to carry on our nutrition discussions that we started with Dr. Nick Smith a fortnight ago. We discuss the complexity of modelling, the limitations (politics!) and the accessibility of access to nutrition and protein across the globe.
Published: 21/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 17-06-2022( 0:28:21)       
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Tangi Utikere is MP for Palmerston North, and we congratulate him on securing the position of Junior Whip following last week's reshuffle. We also talk about his recent bout of Covid and the Medicines Amendment Bill (No. 2). We also talk about the Queen's birthday and it's ongoing relevance (or otherwise). We also talk to the Schools investment package, helping schools engage in capital works, including in his electorate.
Published: 17/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 09-06-2022( 0:30:30)       
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Renee Dingwall is a Palmerston North City Councilor and she joins us to discuss various topics including the council addressing racism, the removal of the Pioneer Highway planter boxes, new items being recycled in the city, and the annual budget deliberations.
Published: 9/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 08-06-2022( 0:28:53)       
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Jimmy Ellingham is the regional reporter for RNZ and he joins us to discuss the stories he's been writing and broadcasting over the past couple of weeks. We talk about the aftermath of the Levin tornado, the inquest into the death of Shaun Grey 8 years ago and the new uses for the old gorge road. We also discuss how roads are funded in Aotearoa, the removal of the planter boxes on Pioneer Highway and the latest developments in three waters reform and Manawatū reducing their contribution to LGNZ.
Published: 8/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 07-06-2022( 0:27:35)       
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Dr. Nick Smith is part of the sustainable nutrition initiative at the Riddet Institute and is based at Massey University. We discuss his work in complex mathematical modelling, creating predictive models around food sustainability and nutritional value. What does this mean for consumer choice and accessibility? Is a mode shift practical? What does it mean for poorer countries? How will we feed the world in the future?
Published: 7/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 03-06-2022( 0:29:13)       
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Tangi Utikere is Member of Parliament for Palmerston North and he joins us to discuss international matters such as the Chinese delegation working around the Pacific Islands, and the Prime Minister's visit to America. We also look to domestic matters including budget 2022, and issues for the local electorate including Capital Connection funding, Ward 21 and the Old Gorge roads future.
Published: 3/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 01-06-2022( 0:28:3)       
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Matthew Dallas is from the Manawatū Standard and he joins us to talk about the stories making headlines in the region including the inquest into the 2014 death of Shaun Grey and the state of Ward 21 at Palmerston North's Hospital. We also talk about the removal of the contentious planter boxes on Pioneer Highway, the future of the Old Gorge Road, a man taking a poisonous snake from the beach and PNCC's attempt to make the rates bill a tad more palatable.
Published: 1/06/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 31-05-2022( 0:28:3)       
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Rachel Keedwell is the Chairperson of Horizons Regional Council, and she joins us to discuss the implications of Budget 2022 on Climate Change, and specifically the Capital Connection. We also talk rates bills across the Horizons rohe and the disparity in increases. We look to the future of the gorge road, and Waka Kotahi's investigations into possible uses and talk briefly about the future of public transport in the area.
Published: 31/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 27-05-2022( 0:27:4)       
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Ian McKelvie is the MP for Rangitikei, and he joins us via phone from his electorate office to chat about Christopher Luxton's visit to the region, the Tauranga by-election, the history and future of NZ's meat exports, Gangs and guns, and the 4th Wellbeing Budget delivered by Grant Robertson last week.
Published: 27/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 25-05-2022( 0:28:15)       
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Jimmy Ellingham is the RNZ Regional Reporter, and he joins us to discuss the Levin Tornedo, the destruction and also the rallying of volunteers. We also talk about the revival of local theatre post pandemic. We talk about covid related court delays and the horrible consequences of continually delayed proceedings. Finally, we discuss the ongoing Mental Healthcare woes at MidCentral DHB.
Published: 25/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 20-05-2022( 0:25:0)       
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Tangi Utikere, MP for Palmerston North joins us to talk Budget 2022. We look at the Health investments planned for the next four years, and what it might really mean for patient experience. We also reference the Pharmac boost, and the PatientVoice Aotearoa response to it. We talk about the $350 per person payout from the government for the 'squeezed middle' and the effect it will have over the winter months. We also get a quick chance to acknowledge Tangi's Pecuniary Interests bill being passed.
Published: 20/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 18-05-2022( 0:15:9)       
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Matthew Dallas from the Manawatū Standard would usually join us to talk about recent articles making headlines, but sadly he couldn't make it this morning. However, since he had already picked out a few pieces to discuss, Fraser made an abridged Catchup episode to quickly go over them. This included a cancer patient having to crowd fund for life extending drugs, the growth of alt right groups and dis- or mis-information, Christopher Luxon trapped in the PN Bridge Club for an hour, & more!
Published: 18/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 17-05-2022( 0:27:49)       
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Jono Naylor is a Horizons Regional Councilor and he joins us to discuss the council's call for central government support in flood protection, and the wider implications of expanding flood protection. We also talk about the Climate Action Plan, and what Horizons needs to do to lower emissions. We talk about public transport and Horizons ultimate goals in the space, factoring in submissions received to the draft plan 2022 - 2032.
Published: 17/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 12-05-2022( 0:28:30)       
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Lorna Johnson is a Palmerston North City Councillor and she joins us to discuss a PNCC application to Waka Kotahi for funding towards pathways in Ashhurst. We also discuss a shade audit conducted across the city's parks and playgrounds and what that might mean for tree planting in the future. We also tackle the Rates Issue and get a clear picture of the situation as it stands (including an education for Fraser!) We also look at the good news story of an urban marae being built on Opie reserve.
Published: 12/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 11-05-2022( 0:29:32)       
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Jimmy Ellingham is the Regional Reporter for RNZ and he joins us to discuss a cooling of the housing market, particularly in Palmerston North and delays to the opening of the (fully functional) Mangaweka bridge. We also discuss the brief appearance of a Murray Ball mural and the state of mental health provision in MidCentral DHB.
Published: 11/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 10-05-2022( 0:27:16)       
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Renata Muylaert is Massey University's School of Veterinary Science Disease Ecologist, and she joins us to discuss the recently published paper titled 'Community health and human-animal contacts on the edges of Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Uganda.' We discuss the implications of increased human-animal contact in our Covid landscape, the field of zoonotic disease research, the preservation of biodiversity and much more.
Published: 10/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 09-05-2022( 0:27:50)       
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Wendy Carr is the manager of Feilding and District Promotion, and she joins us to discuss the economy of our more rural centres in Aotearoa, and how Manawatū is coping. We talk business support, including the upcoming Networking Q & A on the 25th of May at the Civic centre in Feilding. We also mention some upcoming events including the Great Manawatū Easter Hunt, the Arts Centre's after school programme and the Craft Market in Manfield on the 10th of June.
Published: 9/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 06-05-2022( 0:29:35)       
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Tangi Utikere is the MP for Palmerston North and he joins us in the studio to discuss his new appointment as the Chair of the Health Select Committee. We also discuss the potential fragility of the economy as the plight of our logisitics infrastructure, the health system and the cost of living crisis all come to bear. We also talk about the actions of the American political system empowering vocal minorities, and what implications the potential overturning of Roe v Wade might mean. And more!
Published: 6/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 04-05-2022( 0:28:1)       
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Matt Dallas joins us from the Manawatū Standard to discuss what's making headlines. We talk about the new proposals for a golf course on reserve land in Horowhenua and the sad death of Stephen Penn at the Teams Champs. We also look in more detail at the PNCC rates increases, with some rate payers expecting 8.3% and being billed for up to 30% increases! We look at a story covering filling the gaps in New Zealand's rugby history and the ongoing frustrations with Mental healthcare provision.
Published: 4/05/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 22-04-2022( 0:28:36)       
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Tangi Utikere MP
Published: 22/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 21-04-2022( 0:29:57)       
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Mayor Helen Worboys of Manawatū District joins us to discuss the sad passing of Barbara Cameron, MDC Councillor and a true community champion. We also talk about delays to the opening of the Mangaweka bridge, the consultation on the Draft Waste Management Minimisation Plan, the future of local government in light of the various reviews and reforms underway, and an update on Three Waters reform.
Published: 21/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 20-04-2022( 0:27:37)       
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Matthew Dallas from the Manawatū Standard joins us to discuss the health systems failure to help a Palmerston North woman receive breast reduction surgery that would greatly improve her quality of life. We also look at the KiwiRail freight hub, the potential 15 year wait until development starts and the impact that is having on residents with a now uncertain future in their homes. We join the arts and hospitality sectors in celebrating the move to the Orange traffic light, and more!
Published: 20/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 15-04-2022( 0:27:52)       
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Ian McKelvie is the MP for Rangitikei, and he joins us to discuss the Easter Break, and the nature of Easter Trading Rules and Public Holidays in general. We also mention the new holiday - the recognition of Matariki later this year. We draw attention to ANZAC day, it's importance, the contributions of Australian and New Zealand troops over many decades, and the sombre relevance in the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Published: 15/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 14-04-2022( 0:28:41)       
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Lew Findlay (PNCC)
Published: 14/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 12-04-2022( 0:27:55)       
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Nigel French is a distinguished professor at Massey University working in the field of infectious diseases. Today he joins us on the catch up to try and break down some of the common perceptions the 'non-science types' like Fraser may face. What IS epidemiology? What is genomic testing? How does modelling work? What is the future of pandemic research? Does Fraser have Mad Cow Disease?
Published: 12/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 08-04-2022( 0:28:59)       
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Tangi Utikere is MP for Palmerston North. He joins us to discuss his Local Government (Pecuniary Interests Register) amendment bill passing it’s second reading, the new Countdown in Awapuni and changes to Road User Charges. We also talk public transport and government investment, Fair Pay Agreements and how he’ll be spending the first Matariki as a recognised public holiday this year.
Published: 8/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 06-04-2022( 0:28:42)       
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Jono Galuszka is from the Manawatū Standard, and he joins us to talk about stories making headlines this week including PNCC calls for a homeless shelter, the Horizons regional transport plan and the Moa bones at the site of Te Ahu a Turanga. We also chat about the mid central DHB covid numbers and trends, and the illegal Hells Angels bar in Hokowhitu.
Published: 6/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 01-04-2022( 0:27:24)       
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Ian McKelvie is the MP for Rangitikei and Assistant Speaker of the House. He joins us to talk about the opening of Transmission Gully and how all the new infrastructure pointing to the central region will affect us. We also speak about the South African family trying to gain residency, the Primary Sector meeting and Groundswell's refusal to be involved and the proposed Pyrolisis plant in Feilding.
Published: 1/04/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 31-03-2022( 0:27:51)       
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Brent Barrett is a councillor at Palmerston North City Council, and he joins us to discuss the city council's annual budget proposal of 8.3% increase, and what that REALLY means for rate payers, particularly across residential and commercial rates. We also talk about the Environmental Sustainability progress of PNCC and it's response to the climate crisis. And more!
Published: 31/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 29-03-2022( 0:29:21)       
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Claire Matthews is an Associate Professor at Massey University's Business School, and joins us to try and improve some areas of financial literacy, including trying to breakdown some factors associated with the Cost of Living Crisis such as house prices, fuel prices, kiwisaver investments and more. We also talk about possible implications of the war in Ukraine on the kiwi economy.
Published: 29/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 28-03-2022( 0:26:53)       
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Wendy Carr is the manager of Feilding and District Promotion. She joins us to talk about the impact of the relaxed covid protection settings, and the unfortunate headlines that the street art festival acquired regarding copywrite of a 'Wal and Dog' mural in the town. We also talk events such as the sadly postponed Kimbolton Sculpture Festival, the Steam rail society going off the tracks to Mangatainoka and the Great Manawatū Easter Hunt.
Published: 28/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 25-03-2022( 0:32:6)       
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Tangi Utikere is the MP for Palmerston North and he joins us to talk about the relaxation of the covid protection framework, the state of our immigration legislation and and the 150 Nauru refugees that Australia has finally agreed to let NZ bring to the country. We also talk discounted fares on the Capital Connection, the Plastic Pollution Challenge and Tangi's Local Government (Pecuniary Interests Register) Amendment Bill.
Published: 25/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 24-03-2022( 0:28:29)       
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Mayor Helen Worboys from Manawatū District Council joins us to talk about the governments serious downgrading of Covid protection framework settings and what that means for council facilities. We also talk about the submissions for the BioPlant pyrolysis facility and the council's support letter. She shares some highlights from the recent quarterly economic report, and indicates the councils intention to be involved in the Poppy Places Trust initiative.
Published: 24/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 23-03-2022( 0:23:18)       
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Matthew Dallas from the Manawatū Standard joins us to talk about the stories making headlines this week, including Mid Central DHB covid numbers, the South African man desperately seeking residency for his family before he dies, some poisoned trees, Apiti Tavern's charity barbecue auction and the story of Sarah Wills and her hope for surgery in Germany.
Published: 23/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 22-03-2022( 0:27:50)       
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Fiona Gordon is a councillor for Horizons Regional Council and she joins us to talk MONEY. There is a new Climate change fund opening for applications, as well as the biodiversity fund AND the Linklater bursary. We also talk about river bylaw review and the public transport plan. There’s also a bouquet for the urban eels and a chat about the local body elections that are only a few months away.
Published: 22/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 17-03-2022( 0:27:46)       
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Rachel Bowen is a city councillor with Palmerston North City Council, and she joins us to discuss the resilience of the Arts sector throughout the whole pandemic, even accounting for the loss of some allies to the sector including Cafe Royale. We also talk about the Palmerston North Empowering Reserves Bill at parliament, the proposed 8.3% rates increase, the theft of the city hammocks and what people should consider if they stand for this years elections.
Published: 17/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 16-03-2022( 0:29:24)       
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Jimmy Ellingham is the Manawatū Regional Reporter for RNZ, but has spent the last couple of weeks based in Wellington. We discuss national stories such as the Parliament Grounds Occupation coverage and the Cost of Living crisis in Aotearoa. There are some local stories too though, including the equestrian march for consultation in Feilding, and the Kimbolton Meteorite!
Published: 16/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 15-03-2022( 0:28:58)       
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Richard Shaw is a Professor of Politics at Massey University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences. His book 'The Forgotten Coast' is a powerful memoir about racism, the catholic church and fathers. It deals with Richard's untold family history and connection to Parihaka, and three complex characters in his life, his great grandfather Andrew, his great uncle Dick and his father. Listen as we delve into the process of writing the book and some of the implications for Pākehā who might share
Published: 15/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 14-03-2022( 0:30:30)       
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Wendy Carr from Feilding and District Promotion joins us to talk about the reduced isolation period (7 days) and what impact that might have on local business. We talk about one of Manawatū's newest restaurants 'Provenance' and their unique mission with local produce. Increased police powers in public places, continued art celebrations and the state of club rugby all get an airing too!
Published: 14/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 11-03-2022( 0:28:39)       
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Tangi Utikere, MP for Palmerston North joins us to discuss the changes to Parliament over the past couple of weeks including the view of the grounds and the implementation of a hybrid Parliament. We also talk about the changes to the law to allow harsher sanctions on Russia, and the increasing ambivalence to the covid protection framework. We also talk about whether there is a cost of living crisis in New Zealand and the opposition to the Palmerston North Reserves Empowering Bill.
Published: 11/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 10-03-2022( 0:29:18)       
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Mayor Helen Worboys of Manawatū District Council joins us to discuss the covid landscape in Manawatū, the Public Places Bylaw amendment that gave Police some more authority in areas of concern, the quarterly performance report, and the unfilled vacancy around the council table. We also talk contentious issues such as the proposed BioPlant Pyrolysis Plant on Kawakawa Road and the continued strained conversation about Three Waters reform.
Published: 10/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 09-03-2022( 0:24:10)       
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Matthew Dallas from the Manawatū Standard joins us to talk about the stories they have been covering over the past few weeks including Janine Rankins coverage of Covid wards opening at Palmerston North City Hospital and Jono Galuszka's story on the proposed pyrolysis plant in Feilding. We also talk about visual journalist David Unwin's experiences in Camp Freedom and Ram Raiding being the new 'go to' for criminals in the area as documented by Karla Karaitiana.
Published: 9/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 08-03-2022( 0:27:56)       
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Rachel Keedwell is the Chairperson of Horizons Regional Council. She joins us to discuss the fairly new Climate Action Joint Committee and what is means for Climate Change Response in the region. We also discuss some questions around Accelerate 25 and the focus on sustainability. We get Rachel's take on Government's three waters reform and the vague state of the process we are in, and update on how the pandemic COULD affect the bus services over the next few weeks.
Published: 8/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 04-03-2022( 0:27:50)       
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Ian McKelvie is the MP for Rangitikei and he joins us on the catchup for a Friday! We congratulate him on his new appointment as Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives, discuss Wednesday's Police operation to remove the illegal occupation on parliaments grounds, the Ministry of Health's admission to over-estimating PCR testing capacity, the government's response to the invasion of Ukraine and more!
Published: 4/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 03-03-2022( 0:27:59)       
Episode Information
Aleisha Rutherford is the Deputy Mayor of Palmerston North City Council. Today she joins us to discuss local issues such as the sad cancellation of Festival of Cultures, the state of the old Post Office in the city and how that will impact the council's placemaking initiative, the resignation of CEO Heather Shotter and more.
Published: 3/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 02-03-2022( 0:28:43)       
Episode Information
Jimmy Ellingham joins us from Radio New Zealand to discuss the stories he's been covering over the past couple of weeks, including submissions to Parliament objecting to the 're-zoning' of the Huia St. reserve. Also the proposed pyrolysis plant in Feilding, roadworks affecting businesses in Shannon, a woman's 24 hour wait in Palmerston North's Emergency Department and the Rangitikei Mayor's public apology to the victims of Lake Alice.
Published: 1/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 01-03-2022( 0:20:25)       
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Pauline Nijman is Practise Manager for Massey University’s School of Veterinary Science Companion Animal Hospital. Before that she worked at Napier’s Marine Land developing a passion for Marine and Seabird zoo keeping. She was also Wildlife Technician at Wildbase and was instrumental in the response to the Rena disaster at the Astrolabe reef off the coast of Napier. She joins us to talk about her experiences.
Published: 1/03/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 28-02-2022( 0:28:2)       
Episode Information
Wendy Carr from Feilding and District Promotion joins us to discuss business, tourism and the economy in the district. Specifically the Feilding High school centenary (postponed from last year), what Phase 3 means and looks like, the cancellation of the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival and activity in the Feilding Art Society.
Published: 28/02/2022 8:30:00 a.m.
The Catchup - 25-02-2022( 0:29:4)       
Episode Information
Tangi Utikere, MP for Palmerston North joins us for the catchup to discuss the move to Phase 3 of the latest Covid protection framework. We also watch in horror as things unfold in Ukraine, so we discuss the governments response. The protestors remain in Wellington, so what's the plan as we head to another weekend swell of occupiers in the parliamentary precinct? We also note Heather Shotters resignation from PNCC to head the governments three waters reform.
Published: 25/02/2022 8:30:00 a.m.

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