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60s Nostalgia 60s Nostalgia
Travel back to the greatest decade of music ever. Songs you haven't heard for a while or maybe never before. Tune in and be surprised.
A Nourished Life A Nourished Life
Positive nutrition to enhance your wellbeing with Sarah Percy, Registered Dietitian.
Ageing with Attitude Ageing with Attitude
We are never too old.
Advise and SupportEnglish
All Shook Up All Shook Up
A feast of timeless classics from the 1970’s, also providing insights into living with Parkinson’s Disease, something which your host is very familiar with. He’s all shook up, but music provides the beat.
Disability and HealthEnglish
Books You Will Want To Keep Books You Will Want To Keep
Books are our friends.
Arts and CultureEnglish
For anyone needing assistance on matters legal, financial or practical, this programme provides advice or just points you in the right direction. Highlighting the services provided by The Citizens' Advice Bureau.
Canal Espanol Canal Espanol
A show in Spanish, with information about the life, culture and history of Spain and Argentina.
Ethnic VoicesSpanish
Charlotte Flows Charlotte Flows
Not just going with the flow... being the flow.
Special InterestEnglish
Cobblestones Chronicles Cobblestones Chronicles
stories from the early settlers' village and museum.
Arts and CultureEnglish
Conversations at King Street Conversations at King Street
Featuring conversations with King Street Artists, professionals in the fields of mental health and disability and any random stranger that happens to walk into the gallery.
Disability, Arts and CultureEnglish
Film Talks Film Talks
Talks about films.
Arts and CultureEnglish
Friday Night Blues Friday Night Blues
Discover the only local show dedicated to the wonderful world of blues; from old to new, slow to fast.
Good Morning Asia Good Morning Asia
Connecting with Asian communities and promoting Asian cultures.
Arts and CultureAsian (Multiple)
GraceWave GraceWave
Uncovering precious gems in Scripture.
Hawaikirangi Hawaikirangi
That little piece of heaven/paradise we know and call home.
Ethnic VoicesMaori and English
Humanism Humanism
secular music and dispatches about atheism, rationalism, and humanism.
Society and CultureEnglish
I Know Casper I Know Casper
I Know Casper - assorted R&B, Soul, Funk, and Electronic music
Ill Behaviour Ill Behaviour
Provoking thought through music and interviews.
News, Issues and Culture AffairsEnglish
Insights Insights
a melting pot of creativity and musical excellence.
Inspirational Communities Inspirational Communities
Representing our diverse communities.
Society and CultureEnglish
Kahurangi Kahurangi
Ko õ tātou reo, õ tātou kõrero, ko Wairarapa tēnei - Our voices, our stories, our place.
Society and CultureTe reo mauri
Kia manahau te po Kia manahau te po
What's good to go, and what's not the tahi!
Society and CultureTe Reo
Lets Get Digital Lets Get Digital
Aims to equip seniors to become more confident with their digital devices. We talk about common problems such as setting up larger fonts so you can read the screen, sending and receiving texts, using your voice rather than typing, games that improve...
Live Wires Live Wires
Live Wires fizzes, pops and crackles with youthful talent and enthusiasm. Students present their own variety programmes live from the classroom.
Children and YouthEnglish
Living Well With MS Living Well With MS
There are people in our community and further afield, who have the knowledge that people with MS and other chronic health conditions need, to live well and be able to make the most of life. They can give us these “helpful hints.” They may be experts,...
Disability and HealthEnglish