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Who Has The Best Dental Policies This Election( 0:25:0)       
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The Holistic Tooth Fairy, Meliors Sims is in studio to have a look at dental policies and why this is an issue at this election
Published: 25/09/2023 12:11:51 p.m.
Sue Court - Soul Connection With Horses Book( 0:53:2)       
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A new book is about to be released by Equine-Assisted Therapy practitioner Sue Court. Having spent years making notes about her clients and their interactions with horses Sue found she had a book on her hands about our lost connection with the spiritual side of life.
Published: 22/09/2023 12:36:58 p.m.
Daniel Kereopa and the Waikato Harboumaster In Studio( 0:29:28)       
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With the summer boating season rapidly approaching, DK and our Harboumaster, Chris Bredenbeck are in studio with some handy advice for boaties, new and old
Published: 22/09/2023 12:30:54 p.m.
Try Mental Health Aware Yoga( 0:22:1)       
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Dianne Davies is here to talk about her workshop, 10am in the Community House Basement Saturday 24th. What is it for and how was Mental Health Aware Yoga developed.
Published: 21/09/2023 11:40:12 a.m.
What Are The Health Benefits of Social Connection( 0:30:27)       
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Mike Jewell is in studio ahead of his workshop on the health benefits of community and social connection, midday ni the Community House Basement at the Healthy Living Expo this Saturday 24th September
Published: 21/09/2023 11:33:25 a.m.
Kathy Just - Rasha Technology( 0:21:43)       
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Kathy from eternalself.co.nz is in studio to talk about the benefits of Rasha for health and consciousness ahead of the Healthy Living Expo Saturday 24th in the town hall.
Published: 21/09/2023 11:31:11 a.m.
Vote for Climate( 0:22:22)       
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Holly and Jasmine from the local climate group are in studio to look at which parties are doing the most for the climate
Published: 20/09/2023 11:25:33 a.m.
Defibrillator Course Monday Lunchtime( 0:6:53)       
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Katie joins us to announce a free course for anyone keen to learn how the public defibrillators work so they can ready in an emergency - happening Monday 18th middy at the fire station
Published: 14/09/2023 11:25:18 a.m.
Silver Medal for Kai Kereopa( 0:33:0)       
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Kaitawhiti and Aaron Kereopa are in studio to talk about New Zealand's silver medal at the world champs in Samoa and what it takes to be a member of an elite waka ama crew
Published: 12/09/2023 12:06:25 p.m.
Community Energy Whaingaroa( 0:31:55)       
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Rick Thorpe and Jodi Pinfold are in studio to talk about this new project to help with energy hardship in Whaingaroa
Published: 8/09/2023 12:31:45 p.m.
Big Muffin Serious Band( 0:18:46)       
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Graeme Cairns talks to us ahead of the Ukulele Festival and the workshop and performance the Big Muffin Serious Band are doing on Saturday
Published: 7/09/2023 12:51:50 p.m.
Vote for the Climate Meeting Next Wednesday( 0:2:37)       
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We talk to Jasmine hunter about a meeting next week being held next week to help people understand what each political party is promising to do for climate issues.
Published: 6/09/2023 11:55:25 a.m.
General Election Community Meeting Sunday( 0:20:51)       
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If the politicians are driving you mad and you want to gain a clear understanding about how this election is going to work, what the parties really stand for and who you can make a difference then come along to a community meeting this Sunday 11am at the town hall
Published: 6/09/2023 11:50:16 a.m.