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Raglan Ukulele Festival Saturday( 0:21:21)       
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Penni Bousfield is in studio to talk about the ukulele 3rd Wave and the big event this weekend in Raglan.
Published: 7/09/2023 12:53:45 p.m.
Live & Local Is Back( 0:4:27)       
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This Friday at the Old School; Penni Feather, Wilkie Mac, Nikki Keys, the Blukes and the Blister Sisters
Published: 7/09/2023 12:49:22 p.m.
Playing The Ukulele With Your Mates( 0:20:42)       
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At this weekend's market you can find Yolanda van den Bemd who has written music for groups of Ukulele players to play together. She also has a book that will help you and your mates learn to play together
Published: 6/09/2023 11:40:32 a.m.
Tippa Lee - Reggae A Mi Girl( 0:23:42)       
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Michael Robins is releasing a new song on his record label, Red Robin Records and joins us to talk about making music with kiwi producer Naram and LA based Jamaican Tippa Lee
Published: 1/09/2023 11:42:08 a.m.
Psygon EP release( 0:16:21)       
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Playing at the Yot Club in September and releasing an EP this week, the guys from Psygon joins us to talk about the their new music, plans for the future and the hustle of being a young band
Published: 15/08/2023 11:36:54 a.m.