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The Raglan Morning Show

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The Morning Show 19th April 2024( 1:56:49)       
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Surf's looking good, weather is nice and we've got some nice music and a fact finding mission to find out where the money goes from the Harbour board lease properties
Published: 19/04/2024 11:38:17 a.m.
The Morning Show 18th April 2024( 1:58:20)       
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What's happening this weekend, Whaingaroa Writers World and Yoga for Perimenopause feature on this week's show, plus a pretty nice surf report
Published: 18/04/2024 11:43:19 a.m.
The Morning Show 17th April 2024( 1:58:28)       
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local news and info, good music, a chat with Blair Jollands who's playing Raglan this weekend and the Whaingaroa Environment Centre is in the studio
Published: 17/04/2024 11:36:45 a.m.
The Morning Show 16th April 2024( 1:57:22)       
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Local news, MP Barbara Kuriger, Ngaranoa Renata and a fairly ropey surf report features on this morning's show, along with the usual astonishingly good music selection.
Published: 16/04/2024 11:27:05 a.m.
The Morning Show Monday 15th April 2024( 2:2:20)       
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School holiday info, local sports results, local news, sophrology with Lani and Angeline Greensill and Stacey Hill in the studio
Published: 15/04/2024 12:27:40 p.m.
The Morning Show Friday 12th April 2024( 1:58:13)       
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Weekend events, Frankie Venter at The Yard, Redundancy advice and the Writers World is back
Published: 12/04/2024 11:43:48 a.m.
The Morning Show 11th April 2024( 1:57:37)       
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What's on this weekend, seabed mining, old school photography and poor surf conditions feature on today's show
Published: 11/04/2024 11:15:45 a.m.
The Morning Show 10th April 2024( 1:57:34)       
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Local news, info and surf plus a chat with local counsellor Maree Haworth
Published: 10/04/2024 12:49:10 p.m.
The Morning Show Tuesday 9th April 2024( 2:0:26)       
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Local news and info, plus a deep dive into council's spending plans and Raglan's need for a future plan. Oh, and the surf is good but about to decline
Published: 9/04/2024 11:40:47 a.m.
The Morning Show 8th April 2024( 2:8:8)       
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Another beautiful morning in Whaingaroa as we dig deep into nature connection while also taking in the local news including a big week's sport for our local athletes
Published: 8/04/2024 11:58:58 a.m.
The Morning Show 5th April 2024( 1:59:38)       
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We look at what's happening this weekend and then get 2 councillors in the studio to talk about the financial strain the council is under - plus there's a local news bulletin
Published: 5/04/2024 11:47:36 a.m.
The Morning Show 4th April 2024( 2:2:30)       
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What's happening in Raglan, a dismal surf report and conversations with Xtreme Zero Waste, The Old School Arts Centre and we preview the annual pumpkin festival
Published: 4/04/2024 11:47:51 a.m.
The Morning Show 3rd April( 1:58:20)       
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local news and info, a chat with the Karioi Project and a serious discussion about genetic engineering
Published: 3/04/2024 11:25:47 a.m.
The Morning Show 2nd April 2024( 2:1:20)       
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Firefighters Surf Comp, Kai Rongoa and Permaculture all feature on this morning's show along with a pretty nice surf report
Published: 2/04/2024 12:04:56 p.m.
The Morning Show 28th March 2024( 1:58:54)       
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A quite Thursday morning before the Easter Storm...
Published: 28/03/2024 11:57:25 a.m.
The Morning Show 27th March 2024( 1:57:22)       
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Easter weekend events, live animal exports, last exhibition at the wharf and a chat about neighbours - plus a surf report so bad you'll want to stay at home
Published: 27/03/2024 12:08:12 p.m.
The Morning Show 26th March 2024( 2:0:26)       
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local news, local politics and a chat with the director of the new Julian Assange film - plus a pretty ropey surf report
Published: 26/03/2024 11:44:06 a.m.
The Morning Show 25th March 2024( 2:3:14)       
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We go inside your mind with Stephanie Philp and look at the science of gratitude with Lani Puriri this morning along with checking out all the local info and a pessimistic surf report
Published: 25/03/2024 12:01:33 p.m.
The Morning Show 22nd March 2024( 2:0:26)       
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What's happening in town this weekend, an average surf report and a chat with Paul Trenwith from the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
Published: 22/03/2024 11:44:29 a.m.
The Morning Show 21st March 2024( 1:54:51)       
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How much control do we have over our community planning, community board meeting next week and we look ahead to the White Chapel Jak gig - plus the surf is rubbish today
Published: 21/03/2024 11:15:15 a.m.
The Morning Show 20th March 2024( 2:1:36)       
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Today we focus on the environment with seabed mining and a check in with the Whaingaroa Environment Centre - plus we have some mixed news about the surf for you
Published: 20/03/2024 12:20:23 p.m.
The Morning Show 19th March 2024( 2:1:31)       
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Another fantastic day in Whaingaroa as we get in a chat with Ngaronoa and count the ever increasing numbers of surfers on the points this morning via the webcam
Published: 19/03/2024 11:25:29 a.m.
The Morning Show 18th March 2024( 1:53:49)       
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A chill show today where we laugh at Shane Jones and take a call from Phil McCabe about the seabed mining
Published: 18/03/2024 12:09:17 p.m.
The Morning Show 15th March 2024( 2:7:41)       
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A super busy morning with the weekend events, a chat about our coming weed crisis, a conversation with Muroki and we look at alternative health with Dr Hesu Whitten. The surf is not too bad either.
Published: 15/03/2024 12:40:56 p.m.
The Morning Show 14th March 2024( 2:2:0)       
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Muroki's new music, what's happening in the local arts scene and what's really happening with our wastewater
Published: 14/03/2024 11:34:13 a.m.
The Morning Show 13th March 2024( 1:58:14)       
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We talk acting and counselling this morning - along with checking out what's happening in town today and what's happening on the points
Published: 13/03/2024 12:00:49 p.m.
The Morning Show 12th March 2024( 1:56:49)       
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Music at the Yard, Music Holiday Program for girls and rainbow youth, local politics and local history, along with a pretty poor surf report and check out what's happening today in Raglan
Published: 12/03/2024 12:04:49 p.m.
The Morning Show 11th March 2024( 1:58:42)       
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We talk nature connection, raglan news and check out a fairly average surf report
Published: 11/03/2024 12:42:49 p.m.
The Morning Show 8th March 2024( 1:57:15)       
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We talk to Lisa Thomson from the council and Julia from Neighbours Aotearoa, plus have a quick look at what's on this weekend and take in a pretty lame surf report
Published: 8/03/2024 12:20:58 p.m.
The Morning Show 7th March 2024( 1:56:59)       
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What's happening this weekend - we talk to musician Great Oleary, and Katie from the Repair Cafe and also take in a super fine surf report
Published: 7/03/2024 11:20:15 a.m.
The Morning Show 6th March 2024( 2:0:53)       
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Maui Dolphin Day, Karioi Project and the Creative Market feature on the show today along with a pretty frightening surf report
Published: 6/03/2024 11:49:58 a.m.
The Morning Show 5th March 2024( 1:55:56)       
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International Women's Day event, the Te Pahi Medal Podcast and a truly awful surf report feature on the show today
Published: 5/03/2024 12:10:19 p.m.
The Morning Show 4th March 2024( 2:4:26)       
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We look back at Maui Dolphin Day, interview a couple of race winners and chat permaculture. Tune in cos the surf is awful today!
Published: 4/03/2024 12:26:03 p.m.
The Morning Show 1st March 2024( 2:12:24)       
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Maui Dolphin Day is tomorrow and we've got all the details plus a local news bulletin, careers chat and a reasonably priced surf report
Published: 1/03/2024 12:13:35 p.m.
The Morning Show 29th Feb 2024( 2:7:15)       
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Coastguard Fundraiser, a book launch, all the weekend's events and a pretty darn nice surf report all feature in today's Morning Show
Published: 29/02/2024 11:56:48 a.m.
The Morning Show 28th February 2024( 1:59:14)       
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local news, bad surf, a chat with local artist performing in Hamilton and a catchup on seabed mining issues with Phil McCabe feature on today's show
Published: 28/02/2024 11:34:24 a.m.
The Morning Show 27th February 2024( 1:54:30)       
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Another busy morning talking about a new recycling project, local politics and parenting with non-violence - plus a nice little surf report for you
Published: 27/02/2024 11:51:17 a.m.
The Morning Show 26th February 2024( 2:0:38)       
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Another busy Monday with local news and chats about emotions and health, goal setting and marine issues.
Published: 26/02/2024 12:30:16 p.m.
The Morning Show ( 1:57:41)       
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Local info for the weekend, DJ Dughall Eadie in studio and a conversation about the big issues with Lisa Thomson
Published: 23/02/2024 12:42:05 p.m.
The Morning Show 22nd February 2022( 1:58:38)       
Episode Information
A busy show with weekend events and 4 interviews - we're talking to local author Steve Horne, the band Murderchord, Shona from the Old School and Dan and Marve from the Hakea Gathering, plus the surf is definitely up this morning.
Published: 22/02/2024 11:49:37 a.m.
The Morning Show 21st February 2024( 1:54:29)       
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local news, what's happening, Writer's world festival and a snazzy little surf report
Published: 21/02/2024 1:48:13 p.m.
The Morning Show 20th February 2024( 2:0:46)       
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Where did the sun go today? It's been such a warm hot summer but today is cloudy - yes we focus on the weather on the morning show but we also take in our first Whaingaroa Writers World interview and catch up with Ngaronoa Renata for our first chat since Waitangi Day
Published: 20/02/2024 11:31:02 a.m.
The Morning Show 19th February 2024( 1:57:5)       
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Oh hell, it's Monday again. Join Aaron for a monday show where he sounds quiet and distant because someone turned the settings down on the mixing desk over the weekend.
Published: 19/02/2024 11:53:58 a.m.
The Morning Show 16th February 2024( 1:49:26)       
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Once again we focus on wastewater issues, plus look at what's happening this weekend and keep and eye on the surf
Published: 16/02/2024 12:36:10 p.m.
The Morning Show 15th February 2024( 1:59:34)       
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What's happening this weekend and we report on what's happening with the community board and council issues. We also get you some great music and a fairly average surf report
Published: 15/02/2024 11:22:15 a.m.
The Morning Show 14th Feb 2024( 1:59:32)       
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Today's focus is on Maui's Dolphin Day and the benefits of community to our mental health - plus the usual local info and a pretty nice surf report.
Published: 14/02/2024 12:00:21 p.m.
The Morning Show 13th February 2024( 2:1:50)       
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Maui Dolphin Day, Raglan Community Board and a film making workshop feature on this mornings show along with local events, a bit of music and a pretty nice surf report
Published: 13/02/2024 11:57:35 a.m.
The Morning Show 12th February 2024( 1:59:45)       
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3 interviews and some big surf feature today on Raglan's best (only) morning show - we look ahead to a gig on the weekend, catch up with Robz for a nature connection chat and also hear from the local bowling club about their twilight bowls starting tomorrow.
Published: 12/02/2024 11:56:51 a.m.
The Morning Show 9th February 2024( 2:2:0)       
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Local news, weekend events and live music on the show today - plus a mediocre surf report
Published: 9/02/2024 12:47:28 p.m.
The Morning Show 8th January 2024( 1:59:22)       
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We're talking arts this morning as we chat to Matt Hicks who is running a filmmaking workshop in Raglan on Saturday as well as catching up with Shona from the Old School Arts Centre
Published: 8/02/2024 12:11:23 p.m.
The Morning Show 7th February 2024( 2:0:0)       
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We take a look at Waitangi Day and hear from Debs from the Creative Market, Kristel from the Karioi Project and Katie from the Repair Cafe as well as getting a pretty nice surf report
Published: 7/02/2024 11:40:38 a.m.
The First Morning Show of 2024( 2:6:53)       
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Aaron has finally turned up for work after a lengthy break and he's welcoming Lisa Thomson and Finn Mackesy into the studio to discuss Waitangi Day, Council work and permaculture.
Published: 5/02/2024 1:07:10 p.m.
The Last Morning Show of 2023( 2:2:46)       
Episode Information
It starts off normal but then another 12 DJs turn up...
Published: 22/12/2023 1:12:52 p.m.